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Register for a UK CLL treatment update webinar for patients as NICE publish latest Guidance.

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Today NICE has released Final Guidance for acalabritinib access in England and Wales - Acalabrutinib for untreated and treated chronic lymphocytic leukaemia [ID1613]

Starting a treatment is a big step to take in the CLL journey. The great news of several new treatments now available or about to become available in the UK, has added to the complexity of decision making with your care team.

These CLL specific treatment webinars aim to give patients confidence to become more involved in your healthcare discussions and when that time comes, treatment decisions with your care teams.

If treatment is on your radar, please join us and register free for a UK CLL treatments update webinar.

CLL first-line treatments update - 3.30pm BST 26th April

We will be joined by:

•Dr George Follows, Consultant Haematologist at Cambridge University Hospitals Trust and Visiting Professor of Haematology, Anglia Ruskin Medical School Associate Lecturer, University of Cambridge

•Helen Knight, CLL-specific CNS at Nottingham University Hospitals

• John Perkins and Liz Landers, CLL patients.

CLL 2nd line and subsequent treatments update -3.30pm BST 5th May

•Dr Tahla Munir, Consultant in Clinical Haematology at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

• Lianne Palmer, CLL-specific CNS at Oxford University Hospitals.

• Robin Edwards and Nick York, CLL patients.

If you have questions for the UK clinical experts please do let us know in advance by email at or share them in the thread here.

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Thanks so much Leukaemia Care this sounds a really valuable and exciting webinar.

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The webinar video is now available, Prof George Follows gave a terrific summary overview talk of 1st line treatment today in the UK. This lead into a very informative panel discussion, well done all. Vey worth a watch if a 1st treatment for CLL may be in your tea leaves!