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Webinar 3.30pm, Tuesday 6th April - Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) treatment update


Please join us for the 3rd in the series of acute leukaemia treatment updates.

This webinar will update on how ALL is treated today and what is on the horizon: how is a therapy chosen, how is prognosis determined and what level of involvement should patients expect in their care decisions.

The webinar seeks to explain the different types of intensive and non-intensive treatments, who can have a particular therapy, how they work, their efficacy and side effects.

Dr Clare Rowntree Consultant Haematologist, Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust will be joined by a clinical nurse specialist and an ALL patient to explore topics together and answer your questions during the discussion.

Register here > bit.ly/ALLWebinar

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Thanks so much for this ALL webinar Leukaemia Care

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