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Welcome advice on healing AML


I am a 76 year old woman from Melbourne Australia and I have just been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

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Hey Mtd!

I am a CLLer. Our journey is a slow burn affair. Not so for AML. I will leave it those better informed than I to advise you.

Leukaemia Care is a very active charity and the website is great. I know several of the folk who work so hard for us all.

Just to wish you well and to say you have v good Haematologists down your way.

My son lives in Melbourne, hope to visit once Covid settles.

Best wishes from UK



Hi, a great big welcome to our site. I am 70 yrs old woman and in the UK.

I expect you are in shock at this point in time, especially coming in Covid times as well it cannot be easy.

I have another type of leukaemia, but what I have noticed on these sites is that we often seem to share the same fears, thoughts, feelings and practicalities. I wish I could say we could heal our conditions, but I haven't found a way, and I was diagnosed 16 yrs ago.

We honestly cannot give medical advice as we are all wonderful unique people with varying symptoms and medical histories. Also medical opinions in different countries can vary.

You might be offered a treatment plan straight away or you might be put on 'watch and wait' or 'active monitoring' or 'regular blood tests' (it is known by different names) to monitor the progression of your condition. As to what you can do I think just common sense things like a healthy diet (but have some treats) and suitable exercise. I also believe in fresh air, as long as you take Covid precautions and keep posting how you are. Take care and stay safe.


Welcome Mtd1944 at this difficult time, this is a very supportive group and great bunch here who can share experience with you.

Please share a little bit more about yourself I am sure others with AML will dip in to share experience

Timely access to reliable and relevant information is important, especially for AML patients , You can learn more about AML from our website here: leukaemiacare.org.uk/suppor...

If a UK resident, you may find speaking to a Leukaemia Care nurse adviser helpful our helpline is free from landlines and most major mobile networks.

You can contact us for the advice and support you need. Whether you want to talk to us about your diagnosis, ask questions about treatment, or just want to chat to someone who understands what you’re going through, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on freephone 08088 010 444.

If you are still in Aus, the Auastralian leukaemia foundation also provide on-line support groups and great information and support have you found them? They can be reached here leukaemia.org.au/how-we-can...

I am sure others from the group will be in touch soon to share



Welcome to the group, I’m sorry for your diagnosis.

I too have AML, I was diagnosed last year and have gone down the transplant route after 4 rounds of chemo.

I have learnt that everyone’s path is different in some ways but we all share similarities, mental or physical.

It’s all a bit surreal at the beginning, and scary, but I did find having a plan easier to cope with. I hope you have a way ahead soon.

Do ask questions and ask for help, it will be needed at some point x

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