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Join us 11:00am to 12:00pm 30th Sept - Navigating the pathway of lymphoma and leukaemia - supporting you to self-manage your condition


There are various stages in an individual's experience of lymphoma and leukaemia that present as changes and challenges.

Join us as we discuss when these stages may occur, look at the impact they can have, and share coping strategies to help.

We will be joined on the webinar by our guest panel of individuals with lived experience, and healthcare professionals who work closely to support people with lymphoma and leukaemia.

Our healthcare speakers include Dr Prem Mahendra, Consultant Haemato-Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, and Barbara von Barsewisch, Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist, North Middlesex University Hospital.

When you register to attend you will have the opportunity to submit two questions to our panel.

Register here:

Please note: this is a live online webinar, run through GoToWebinar.

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Hi, I am really sorry I cannot attend this webinar next week as I am working at that time. It look so interesting too. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I am keeping well and I hope you are too.


Navigating the pathway of lymphoma and leukaemia - Will this discussion be posted online as I missed it due to work pressures ?



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