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Help required


Anyone got high ferritin with leukemia

Anyone get sensitive skin with leukemia


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Sorry I cannot help you, but it sounds as if this is really affecting you. The Leukaemia Care charity number is freephone 08088 010 444 and I hope others can also help you. Take care.

Redcollector in reply to 2003UK


Yes, I have high ferritin (high iron) due to all the blood transfusions I’ve had during Leukemia treatment, in particular my stem cell transplant. This is very common. The Drs waited until my treatments ended before I started doing therapeutic phlebotomy monthly. My blood levels have to be a certain level that my Dr wants & if in range, I get the procedure done. The process is like donating blood at infusion center but they toss it in n trash after. It takes time continuously doing the phlebotomies but eventually the ferritin level in one’s blood does reduce to a healthy level.

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