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Insomnia or return of HCL


I had chemotherapy(Cladribine) in January. Not due a blood test until October, recently started to feel breathless and fatigued. I suffer with insomnia.. Should I contact my consultant and ask for a blood test?

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Hi - I think it would be worth checking out with your team/GP if you are at all worried. It could be something unrelated to the HCL like anaemia.

Insomnia is horrible and can make you feel wretched. Can the GP help at all with that element? I have HCL and take amiltripline for migraines and it helps hugely with sleeping. I think some GPs prescribe it to help with sleep at 10mg dose.

Good luck and hope you get some reassurance.

TM1972 in reply to emmieb-UK

Thank you


Hi, you ask the question about contacting your consultant about your symptoms, personally I think it is always a good idea otherwise they will not know what is going on with you and it has the added bonus of having a medical response. If you are anything like me my mind can go off in all directions, especially whilst being in insolation. We are here to support you and the Leukaemia Care Charity helpline is open Monday - Friday 9am until 5pm and they have a special evening service on a Thursday and Friday 7pm - 10pm. The number is freephone 08088 010 444. Take care.

TM1972 in reply to 2003UK

Hi, thank you for your message. Christie's are arranging a home visit for blood tests and my GP has prescribed me Propranolol for my anxiety and Zopiclone for my insomnia. Hopefully these will help me.

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