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Small Things, Big Difference


Dear all it is a pleasure to share this booklet put together by the CLL community and Abbvie, This may help us all when dealing with the unknown.

It’s the small things that make a big difference to the everyday lives of those living with CLL, from those recently diagnosed, to those who have been living with the condition for decades

Small Things, Big Difference, a collection of heart-warming anecdotes, practical hints and tips and coping mechanisms from members of the chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) community

Developed in collaboration with Blood Cancer UK, Leukaemia Care, Lymphoma Action, CLL Support and AbbVie, Small Things, Big Difference covers topics including self-empowerment when dealing with the unknown, coping with emotions, and practical tips from those who have reflected on their experience of a CLL diagnosis.

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This is so helpful! Thank you for all your work in producing this.

Our living with blood cancer has been added to by the living with Covid.

The 2 interact so as to increase our risks.

Its is so very hard.



Hi, yes, I think this is a brilliantly produced booklet and so, so readable. Have a look everyone. Thanks for getting it produced Leukaemia Care. Hi, Hairbear, I hope you are keeping well, thanks for all you are doing behind the scenes and stay safe.

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