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Register yourselves as vulnerable people


Hi all

If you haven't already, please register yourselves here

Blood cancer patients have been advised to self isolate for 12 weeks. Registering with the government means they can support with food packages etc.

Currently the link only works for those in England.

Stay safe all

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Thanks Nicole I have registered and I believe it can help with some supermarkets to get home deliveries, if you are an existing on line customer. Thanks so much to you and all at Leukaemia Care for being there informing and supporting us. Take care all of you.

Yes - but this will take a while to kick in and does not allow you to give an old address if you have moved in the last 2 months.

What might help in the meantime is that my GP has offered help from the Social Prescribing Team which is based in the GP surgery. It might be an idea for everyone to see if they can also access help via their Social Prescribing Team.

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