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Confused /scared about Covid 19

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Hi there

I’m guessing that a lot of people are in the same boat about Covid19.

My husband recently underwent a stem cell transplant for ALL and is now taking immunosuppressant medication. I currently work part time in the retail sector and I’m really confused and anxious about what to do for the best.

I had a number of weeks off work last year due to stress and anxiety. My employer said that although I’d triggered their disciplinary procedure, that they would take no action at that stage. However, I was verbally told that if I had time off work due to stress again, then I would go down the disciplinary route.

Now I’m caught between trying to keep some money coming into the household and making sure I don’t put my husband at any increased risk of getting the virus.

Just wanted to put my thoughts out there to see if anyone else had similar concerns.

5 Replies
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Hi Clarence45

Thanks for sharing your thoughts indeed I think you are right many are in similar situations but that does not make your concerns any less unique or less scary.

In today's government broadcast-the chancellor has just commented that peoples anxieties over the disease are only matched by anxiety over impacts over their livelihoods.

Guidance outlining the shielding of the vulnerable doesn't clearly cover all eventualities at this moment, We are being told this will be strengthened by the weekend.

Have you been able to speak to your employer about guidelines? Making the focus of the discussion about government recommendations to protect the vulnerable and clinical advice and it not being about anxiety related absence?

Can you speak with your husbands care team for their recommendation, this may help?

For those in corona virus related difficulties the chancellor has stated there will be 3 month mortgage relief schemes and job protection being put in place, I guess we need to follow this closely .

But in the meantime you are right reaching decisions to keep the vulnerable safe is not totally straightforward, we may have to make some difficult choices

I am sure others will have thoughts?

Stay vigilant and keep talking


Current government and NHS guidance information .

Guidance for blood cancer patients

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it is certainly a worry, but I would definitely speak with your employer with specific regard to this as a separate issue. it would be a brave employer who would institute disciplinary measures over someone following government advice.

Obviously, things are changing all the time, and it is very natural to be anxious. I know I am!

Many, many, many people are struggling with the same dilemma you are, which, does not belittle or mitigate your concerns, but, perhaps may help to show you are not alone in this. Do keep posting, there are people here, and we might not be able to solve things, but we can certainly understand and listen!

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Hello stranger ...

Can you get a letter from your husbands CNS nurse I did this week. It's to my employer stating what is needed to help with our son.

Frightening times. If my husband self isolates ge will only get £97 a week compared to his wage.

As we all know on here the illnesses are bad enough to worry about.

Matter of fact rightly or wrongly I am more concerned about food shortages for us and our incomes at the moment than catching the virus.

As long as we all take precautions I think/prey we will be fine.

Hayley x

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Oh, what a dilemma for you and I do not know to say. Perhaps if you decided to self isolate with your husband you would not be going off work because of stress, but because you are living with a husband who has just had a stem cell transplant and at high risk and therefore both of you need to go into self isolation. I realise the financial implications, which must be so scary, but the government appears to be promising a financial aid package, we await seeing what that is. The continual media coverage and empty supermarket shelves are making me even more anxious and my husband and I are self isolating and have sufficient food and loo rolls. Take care of yourselves and keep posting and the Leukaemia Care Charity helpline is open Monday - Friday 9am until 5pm and they have a special evening service on a Thursday and Friday 7pm - 10pm. The number is freephone 08088 010 444.

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Update - I have now spoken to my employer. I’m unable to request a career break (which would be unpaid) as I haven’t worked there long enough. I have requested to take unpaid leave but they want me to use a huge chunk of my holiday in conjunction with unpaid leave, which would then leave me with virtually no holiday until next March. HR also suggested I could resign, which my manager also suggested to me today.

I understand it’s not their fault this virus is out there, but it’s not my fault either. All I want to do is protect my husband from possibly getting this virus, as the consequences could be catastrophic.

So much stress 😢😢😢

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