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2019 flu jab info (UK specific)

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Hi all,

This is specific for UK based people. I was in my GP waiting room (accompanying my mother) when I overheard the receptionist say “yes, we are taking bookings for flu injections now”.

That caused me to check online and I found this.. england.nhs.uk/wp-content/u...

I hope is of use. Item 6 is especially useful if your GP is reluctant to treat family as it clearly spells out they should be treated.

Looking at items 12 and 13 (especially 12) is there a preferred option if you get a choice? Item 12, where I fit states either is as good as the other.

best to all, rob

2 Replies

Thanks, Rob, for this information. I always check with my GP if and which flu jab is most appropriate for me with my CLL. My husband and I both have flu jabs, but he qualifies because of his age, before that he was never offered a flu jab. Take care.


I called my GP yesterday to book a jab, I have CML. Was told I couldn’t book one yet as I am under 65, even though I have leukaemia. When I pressed the point the receptionist said I should to a doctor directly which I will do on Monday.


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