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Questions about bone marrow biopsy (having my second one Tuesday 😰) and MDS

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Hi, I am getting my second bone marrow biopsy in less than a year on Tuesday 😥 because I have had low white blood cells since last fall, and as of Monday they were down to 1.6k/ml . If anyone has a chance to look at my results, can you explain about MDS. One doctor said I essentially have it just because of my blood results. I’m really scared, I had thyroid cancer in 2009 with radioactive iodine treatment, and my first bone marrow biopsy back in December was normal but slightly hypocelluar, but does anyone know much about the prognosis if they do find something this time? I’m scared to keep reading the stuff I have seen on the internet and my doctor is away until tomorrow. 🙏 thank you so much!

3 Replies

Hi Bustamove86 thanks for posting , unfortunately we cannot interpret your blood results for diagnostic purposes, you need your doctor for that with further investigations and knowledge of your history.

It must be hard and scary when you read about possible risks on the internet associated with the therapy you have had to treat your cancer. I think many of us treated for cancer can relate , You have been through a lot and your body and mind has been bashed about a bit through this. I wonder if reading up on what you think it might be, is the right approach today? It is hard, but not long now until tomorrow, when you can ask your doctor who knows you and your history to explain?

You are not alone here and we do understand, many of us have to go through bone marrow biopsies and play the waiting game. I would suggest you phone our nurse adviser, but am guessing that as autumn is the fall for you, you are outside the UK?, Maybe over the pond?

Here at Leukaemia Care we do publish a patient information booklet about MDS, we have put this together with two other national UK charities, Bloodwise and MDS UK, although UK local support resources within it may not be appropriate, if you are diagnosed with MDS it is reliable information to explain and available on our website to help you understand a bit more about it..

But hey, you may not need it, stay strong, .

I am sure others on here will help you get through the day and be here for you the next

keep us posted how you get on



Hi, we are not medically trained on this site and you use the word 'fall' so I wonder if you are in the UK, I am? It sounds as if you have you are forming all your questions in your mind, what I do find is that personally I have to write a list of the questions I want to ask as I walk into my consultant and everything goes straight out of my mind, especially if I feel anxious. Also I now need to ask all my fears, thoughts and feelings and just double check that the consultant is aware of my whole medical history. I also need to ask that follow up question and to write down the responses. It sounds a anxious, scary, fearful time for you. Take care of yourself and have the odd treat.


Hi there. If you are outside of the UK, there are a number of MDS organisations - they can be found here:


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