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Seeking phycological support? How to access Leukaemia Care's Ann Ashley counselling fund


In todays difficult time there are ways to help cope with the additional psychological challenges you may be experiencing when living with a leukaemia diagnosis during Covid times.

We’re providing access to private counselling services through the provision of grants, so that leukaemia patients and their loved ones can get the emotional and psychological support they need.

Head to our website for more information on eligibility and how to apply >

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Wow, this is a vital fund because a leukaemia diagnosis just rocks the world of the leukaemia patient and their families and brings up such a range of emotional and practical issues. Thank you so much Leukaemia Care.


A great initiative. I know from

my own experience that, despite there being some fantastic treatments out there for us, there are often financial downsides that come with leukaemia

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