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Dr Manos Nikolousis video series filmed at the American Society of Haematology 2018 - Progress and reasons to be optimistic for AML patients


In this next clip Dr Manos Nikolousis discusses treating AML patients in a more effective way, studying genetic profiles to match patients to more effective combination therapies bring chemo together with targeted small molecule therapies.

Below is an uplifting film of Dr Nikolousis explaining the many new treatment approaches in practice or coming through to treat AML. After little movement with progress for 20 years the last 5 years have seen an explosion of options and a move towards personalised care.

In this next clip Dr Manos Nikolousis discusses the future of AML treatment, There will be many more targeted small molecule inhibitors coming available over the next three years, that when combined with knowledge of an individuals cryogenics and morphology will enable a proper approach to personalised treatment.

In this last clip Dr Manos Nikolousis discusses new trials in relapsed or refractory AML

Leukaemia Care will soon be releasing more videos recorded at the American Haematology Society Meeting in December 2018.

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Thanks for posting these video clips, fascinating, interesting times the advances that are being made are ground breaking.