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Deborah Sims and Professor Peter Hillmen discuss data presented at ASH. Exciting new CLL treatments emerge as data matures

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Fantastic job by our friend and CLL patient Deborah Sims, interviewing Professor Peter Hillmen at the American Society of Hamatology Conference (ASH) in San Diago.

Prof Hillmen presented key UK trial data at the conference and shared insights with Deborah about new combination therapies, the MURANO trial, minimal residual disease (MRD) and stopping treatment.

CLL patients are achieving sustainable responses and durable remissions following fixed timescale treatments with targeted combination therapies, without the burden of chemotherapy based regimens or continuous therapies and long term side effects.

MRD negativity is the end goal of UK clinical trial strategies, to provide patients treatment free periods.

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Brilliant, exciting, ever advancing and less gruelling therapies.

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