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Transplant funding issue any help appreciated

Anyone know how long funding issues take with NHS England.

My son has relapsed AML second time had sibling transplant initially relapsed Dec 17 13 days shy of the year more chemo achieved remission but has relapsed again. He’s team feel he may not qualify for funding for second transplant anyone got any ideas how to appeal if this happens or perhaps apply pressure for funding ...

He had very little GVHD just small spots in the mouth and he’s donor was a close sibling ...

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Hi Christie,

We should be able to help you find out more information about funding for second transplants or other options if you get in touch with head office. Could you send us an email to advocacy@leukaemiacare.org.uk or phone 01905 755977 and ask to speak to the advocacy team.




I emailed last night if I don’t receive a reply I’ll call later today thank you


Charlotte has responded to you below, but I just wanted to say take lots of care of yourselves.


Sorry can’t see that reply perhaps someone could call me tomorrow I left my no today thank you


Hi, the reply is now above dated a day ago, I hope you have spoken to someone at Leukaemia Care now.


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