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What does this results mean? Do I have cancer or is there any chance of getting it in future?

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For last 1 year my CBC showed persistently high lymphocytes(5000). I was worried that I may have cancer. So I went to a doc and did a test called immuophenotyping. Today I got my report. But I don't understanding anything it says. In our country medical treatment and counselling isn't developed like other countries that's why so many confusion comes to mind. I want to know what this results means and what is the significance of it. Do I have cancer? If not but seeing the report is there any chance that I will have a cancer in future? (Sorry for my bad English). Lot of love and wish you best of luck friends. I am 28 years old btw.

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To be honest I think you need to talk to a doctor about it. Have read it and it is really confusing! Go and ask the doctor and take notes is my advice.



As your report states this should be interpreted in conjunction with other tests and clinical findings. Was this typing done only because of raised lymphocytes?

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Yes and i am having red spot hand chest back neck


Hello Ryasat thank you for your post as per my reply to your second post; , this is all very technical information and should be interpreted by your doctor in conjunction with other tests as the immunophenotyping report summary stipulates.

As other members have confirmed here and in posts across blood cancer communities on the platform, community members are not qualified or would it be appropriate for them to interpret or comment on your test reports.

This information needs appropriate clinical summary for you along side other clinical features, You must discuss this with your haematologist. Of course this is a worry for you but the longer you leave discussing this with your doctor the more you may worry or falsely interpret things if you try yourself.

Try making an appointment and taking a companion with you, they can help, take notes and ask questions to help with discussion and understanding between you and your doctor.

Good Luck.

Your image has been edited to remove personal references to yourself and your doctors. Please contact the doctor that ordered the test


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