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Wondering if it could be leukimia


Hi everyone.!i have been covered the past month if maybe it’s posdinle I have a form of leukimia. A little history, 2 years ago I was diagnosed with GCA and was put on a high dose of prednisone for the first few months, then a lower dose for approx. 18 months. To help wean me off the prednisone, my Rheumy also put me on methotrexate, was on that fir about 6 months. After off those medications, was having severe side pain and went to emergency. They did ultra sound and found I had moderate fatty liver that’s enlarged, double the size of a normal woman’s liver. Also got diagnosed with mild COPD. This past month, I have been getting lots of unexplained bruising, little blood red dots on arms and legs. And had a CBC recently and was told my Red blood cells I think it is called MVC is down to 20, should be 33-38. Very tired and headaches often. My uncle just got diagnosed with leukimia, not sure if it is genetic at all. Could anyone tell me if any of this sounds like I should push for further testing by my GP. Thanks

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The symptoms you describe should be investigated by your doctor. If they suspect a blood cancer they will likely refer you to a Hematologist to have these tests:





Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry analyzes your blood or bone marrow cells to determine whether a high white cell count is the result of blood cancer. The test identifies cells as they flow through an instrument called a flow cytometer. Flow cytometry measures the number and percentage of cells in a blood sample and cell characteristics such as size, shape and the presence of biomarkers on the cell surface. This method helps to subclassify cell types so your doctor can decide on the best treatment plan. Flow cytometry can also detect residual levels of disease after treatment. This helps your doctor identify disease relapse and restart treatment as needed.



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Hi Len, thank you so much for responding and the info. I am certainly going to push for further testing. Take care 😊


Hi, if you are concerned I would talk about your concerns with your GP and see what they say. It is often a combination of symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis. Take lots of care of yourself in the meantime.

misaryk in reply to 2003UK

Hi, and thank you so much for responding. I am going to speak with my GP and request further investigation. It seems I have to push for more detail information. Take care yourself. 😊


Definitely need further tests. A low MCV would suggest iron deficiency and the bruising and red spots may be due to low platelets. All symptoms could be side effects of medication but definitely seek further investigation

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Hi and thank you for responding. I am definitely going back to the doctor for more testing. The reason Leukemia came to mind is my Uncle, my mom’s brother was just diagnosed with it. I have had cervical cancer, my mom had colon cancer, and dad prostrate and bladder cancer.

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