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Sunday. Homework Day

Sunday. Homework Day

One of Miss M's homework tasks this week was to make a wedding cake.

(no, seriously, it was.)

So, she and I made this one tier version of our wedding cake. It's a marble (chocolate and vanilla) cake, with chocolate ganache filling, vanilla frosting, white icing, and gold decoration.

It was a nice little trip down memory lane for DH and I, which is good when the future looks so uncertain.

I am not entirely sure what her teacher will do if all 22 kids bring a cake in tomorrow!

How's Sunday looking there?

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I’ve spent Sunday in the Pembrokeshire coast path near St David’s. Lovely.

If the teacher gets 22 cakes maybe that was the plan 😄

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Sounds fab. Mowing the lawn was as near to outdoorsy as I got in Pembrokeshire today.

Do you think cake addiction is what keeps her so completely smiley and lovely whilst managing 22 4-5yr olds 5 days a week, and setting this type of homework is a last ditch attempt to source enough cake to get her to the end of term?

I never thought of that!


Sunday's good here, went to pilates and then had a restful day after a hectic day on Saturday.

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