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My own Watch Wait and Worry CLL story

Thanks so much to Leukaemia Care for the fantastic watch and wait campaign, highlighting how difficult it is for us to adjust to.

We are told we have cancer in every drop of blood in our bodies but the doctors say nothing should be done about it just yet.

This has inspired me to share my own story of the last twelve months. I got sick exactly a year ago today. And as I explain although I’m on watch and wait I’ve had what my consultant calls a “stormy course”. I had pneumonia, and two throat operations on my cll enlarged tonsils.

If you want to share your story publicly (and people shouldn’t feel obligated) you can do so by replying here, but note this is an UNLOCKED post so it can be seen on Google. If you want to share more privately then start a separate post locked to the community.

The day lukaemia changed my life: wp.production.patheos.com/b...

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