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T cells

I have had a blood test come back with extremely high T cells. I have had other tests for auto immune diseases and inflammation and they have all come back clear. My T cells looks like they have been raised for over a year now. I have an enlarged fatty liver and also giant platelets. What are the chances I have lymphoma? It’s in my family and my aunt said prepare myself for it and the dr didn’t seem to positive when I spoke to him just said I need an urgent referral to haematology which I’m waiting on

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Hi! Unfortunately I don’t think that anyone in this forum can answer to your question as no one is a doctor and what you really need at the moment is medical advice. When will you see the haematologist? I understand how frustrating and scary is this moment for you, but you need to find out what’s wrong first. If it’ll be lymphoma, and I hope it won’t, you know that there’s a whole community here of people who have been through the same thing and we will give you all the help and support you’ll need.


Hi, thanks for your post. I know it is really stressful waiting for results but unfortunately until you see the haematologist its impossible to say what is going on. Hopefully its nothing to worry about. If it is a diagnosis of lymphoma remember there are many successful treatments and lots of support available.


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