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Stem cell transplant for AML 8 yrs on

Hi all as you can see from title I have been in remission for 8yrs following a HSCT from my brother.

I would like to ask a question. I knew I would get lots of infections early post transplant which is to be expected. Now 8 yrs along I am still getting more than my fair share of colds, so much so I am at the point of taking ill health retirement. I take penicillin for life. I am waiting to see an immunologist as the last cold caused me to have an asthma attack and put me in hospital.

Can anyone help me understand why I'm still suffering after all this time?


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Hi Shazzey. Thanks for your post. This sounds like a question for our nurse - her next session on the line is tomorrow night (Weds) from 7.30pm until 10.30pm. She is available on 08088 010 444 - if you ring her, this number will not cost you anything.

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Hi, I had a stem cell transplant 10 years ago - I usually get one or two really bad colds a year. Actually this year has been better - ironic as I didn't get round to having my flu jab - but I doubt the two facts are related. Its certainly worth bringing it up with your health care specialist though.

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Oh believe me I have but as everything comes back normal.

Hoping to be referred to immunology now x


Following stem cell transplant 9 years ago for myeloma and 2 subsequent courses of chemo I have been maintained on Revlamid. As this keeps wbc low I am kept on the antiviral drug Aciclovyr and have only had one cold in last 3 years.


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