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Hi, not sure what to say, I have a 9 month old with jmml diagnosed at 4 months. her option for treatment seem very limited bmt (bone marrow transplant) being the only way to resolve it possible, does anyone know of any other trials?

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I'm sorry Ash0897. What time to get a cancer diagnosis. I don't know about trials and I'm new to this site so am not sure who uses it yet so am hoping you've also made this request else where.

I'm replying to you because Ive had a bone marrow transplant (from an anonymous donor). I'm happy to share my experiences with you if you'd like.... they'd be very different as I was in my 30s when I had my treatment but the outcome was clearly successful for me....

LCNurseLeukaemiaCARE Nurse
in reply to Christiana_

Hi Ash0897

Thank you for your post on the forum. I am sorry to hear about your young child.

I suggest you ask you Haematologist about all the treatment options available to you.

JMML is a rare condition. However, BMT is a treatment used worldwide with successful outcomes.

Try to prepare a list of your questions before you see you Doctor. This will help you, and will hopefully give you all the information you need about trials available and the transplant pathway.


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