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Ccl confusion

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I have been on watch and wait since 2011 and my new consultant has not decided about starting chemo even though I have no stage B symptoms and numbers are maintains- just a lymph count of 139. Because of this has referred me to MDT and left me in limbo.

Have looked at several non chemo options as I am very concerned about chemo and its long term effects

Any thoughts , experiences and feelings would help

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might I suggest that no stage B symptoms may best be responded to by usual w&w healthy living precautious?

LCNurseLeukaemiaCARE Nurse

Hi Rodney2419. It sounds like you have been doing well since you diagnosis. It is usual for your Consultant to discuss your case a the MDT. There will other consultants and health care professionals in the meeting to discuss the best treatment plan for you.

Write down your questions and concerns so that you can discuss them at your next clinic appointment.

We have a booklet about watch and wait plus chemotherapy if you need more information.

please visit our website or you can ring our care line on 08088010444

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Many thanks for the chat and your help today/Rodney


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