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LDN side effects and chronic fatigue


Hi there.

I was taking oxycodone for 3 years and noticed that my fatigue and brain fog was gone but had 3 very bad detoxes using them at 20mg a day. I'm off them permanently now as I felt like death coming off them. Went to see a private gp and asked for LDN of which I got but at 1.5 been going to the toilet 15 times a day. Awful. I've dropped down to .5mg now and better however will it give me the energy I need? I'm 14 days on it now?

Thank you

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We all respond differently to LDN, many do see relief from fatigue. It's early days for you, personally it took 4 months to begin seeing improvements and at 3 years the fatigue is still something I deal with, although it's not at the level it used to be.

You didn't mention your condition, starting lower is better for those with Thyroid issues and CFS. We usually recommend staying at each dose level up to a month to allow your body to adjust.



I have experience with oxycodone and some with LDN and I will say that it could take up to year or longer to rid your body of the negative effects of oxycodone....a lesson in patience I guess...:)

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