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Can you help us promote The LDN 2017 Conference? ldn2017.com and earn 10% commission?

If you can please sign up to the Affiliate Programme and you will earn 10% commission on Ticket and LiveStream sales that are made via your unique link. Signup at ldnresearchtrust.idevaffili...

A few important details:

1. All affiliates outside of the UK MUST choose to be paid via PayPal.

2. Once you have signed up, your account will be pending until July 3rd.

3. We will check all accounts and they will all go live at the same time on July 3rd at 4pm UK time being 11am EST. For time zones check out the world clock

4. We have arrange everything so that everyone has an equal opportunity to promote their link at the same time.

Any questions please email me!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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