Should I Be Eating 10 Times A Day? My Boss Will Fire Me!

Were humans designed to be "grazing' all day along? Well, I don't think so. In fact it's highly impractical advise that can be given to anyone -- eat every 2 hrs so as to cover the horrible impact of a horrible diet called HIGH CARB LOW FAT. Let's see the monetary damage that it does to a nation:

(1) Each meal would cause 15 min loss of productive time.

(2) Eating every 2 hrs means eat 4 times during the office hours of even a 9 to 5 job (though there's hardly any 9 to 5 job left). Usually it is a 10 hrs job which means every diabetic who wants to live buy this useless advise will have to eat 5 times in 10 hrs.

(3) Presuming a 30 min lunch break (which is the usual break that pvt companies give normally) total time that goes into non productive time = 15X4 - 30 = 30 minutes/manday

Presuming 1 million population of "working" diabetic for computation

Productive man Hours lost = 30X1,000,000 = 5 million man hours per day.

What's the cost of 5 million man hours/day of productive time lost? Do the math yourself.

A similar study was done in the US on how smokers work less due to their smoking habit and hence were paid less. IIRC, 1 fag was considered 7 min loss of productive time in that study. Give or take a few minutes. Multiply the number by 10 and compute the loss to nation -- value of LOSS of PRODUCTIVE TIME in grazing 10 times a day. This is in addition to the medicare costs.

So, it's a NATIONAL LOSSS to tell diabetics to be grazing whole day at regular intervals just because the nonsensical HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet has to be pushed.

I LOVE talking NUMBERS. 

I don't like giving emotional speeches by "appealing to the authorities" and producing XEROX copies of broken & miserably FAILED GUIDELINES, as I hate playing politics. :)

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  • Pl note: 

    The computation above is for "working population" who are getting paid for their work that they do professionally.

  • The thing is, when you are eating like that, it can seem impossible to do otherwise because your body is unable to tap into its energy reserves, you're forever fighting hunger, reliant on your next intake of carbs to offset the after-effects of your last meal; (chronically) raised insulin levels. No wonder people put on weight, and become (pre-) diabetic.

  • And, a HUGE loss to the NATION -- loss of productive man hours per day. Math part I have left for guys and gals who propose such a horrible solution. I have mentioned about a US study done on smokers so not talking just out of the blue. ;)

    Some guys will defend this broken advise saying that this is needed to avoid HYPO. But, question is what happens during 8 hrs of sleep? Does one need to be woken up, told to brush teeth and eat something every 2 hrs? If answer is yes, then a BIG LOL and if the answer is NO then HYPO theory gets busted.

  • And, the best part is, no one talks of genes, climate etc when making such ridiculous recommendations or while recommending the horrible high carb low fat diet to diabetics.

    But, when one starts discussing LCHF, arm chair critics bring in all sorts of variables -- genes, climate, atmospheric pressures, wind speed, occult science, distance from equator, lunar phase etc comes into discussion. Only thing that has not yet figured is reading the birth chart else all straw-man logic, as someone said, comes into play while talking against LCHF. Because LCHF diet hurts the industry very hard :)

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    Was busy elsewhere so could not post for last few days. Back here now. Made up for last few days absence with a series of posts :)

    Thanks :)

  • Welcome back @anup singh....

  • I am only restricted on DI only temporarily. Allowed everywhere else. Couldn't post as was busy with you guys elsewhere ;)

    So back here and trying to make up for the absence with a series of posts :)

    Thanks Geo. If and when allowed on DI, I will post a thank you message for everyone who wanted me back on DI. The message itself will be very special. So let the clock keep ticking till then ;)

  • I agree completely. That advice is ridiculous. Have lost count of how many times people have told me to keep eating every two hours, otherwise my BS will increase.

  • Let the experts give the advice to persons who works for Wal-Mart in the US on hourly wages and see what response the "expert" gets :)

    Eating horrible food 10 times a day doesn't make it right. It still remains horrible as it still spikes insulin. 40 years Diabesity growth history proves that High Carb Low fat diet is HORRIBLE.

  • Exactly. The day people following all these guidelines switch their diet will be the day they realize how they have been fooled all along.

    Another lie that I have heard too many times is that fasting increases your BS. I have been repeatedly told that if I remain hungry for more than 2 hours, my BS will shoot up.

  • Like me, many diabetics on LCHF diet have been skipping a meal a day and yet blood sugar remains stable -- very stable. All these guidelines are for covering the shortcomings of a horrible diet -- High Carb Low Fat -- to diabetics. A diet that has increased diabetics fur folds since 1980. Diet from so called "Experts". If I was one of the experts, I would hang my head in shame with these numbers.

    I have been skipping B/F since long. Experts call it the most impt meal of the day. Yet all parameters are stable and ZERO drugs -- sixth year running.

  • True. Skipping a meal has never increased my BS. Have even shown this to people pestering me about skipping meals. Even after going hungry for a full day, BS remains between 90 and 95. Never shoots up.

    These experts will keep propagating their lies till people keep choosing to blindly follow them.

    Yes, I have read that breakfast being the most important meal is a lie peddled by cereal companies to boost their sales. I know 2 other people who never eat breakfast, and are in good health.

    Technically, breakfast is any meal that we eat to break a fast. It does not necessarily have to be in the morning. If someone is eating his first meal of the day at noon, it is his breakfast. :)

  • So, as I always say -- IGNORE the AUTHORITIES and switch to LCHF diet if you want to manage diabetes instead of wasting money on a stupid diet that needs lot of drugs. 

    They have proven to be good for nothing if we look at how diabetes has increased ever since they started talking the LOW FAT Nonsense.

    (1) Obesity Increased

    (2) Diabetes increased

    (3) Syndrome X increased

    (4) Even Cancer increased

    So, who is healthy on that FAD Diet called HIGH CARB LOW FAT?

    First they mess up health.

    Then they come up with stupid suggestions of keep grazing whole day ie eat 8 to 10 times a day. Only a person who has retired from all professional commitments can afford to live that life of eating 10 times a day.

  • Exactly. All these diseases have spread like an epidemic. The High carb diet is to blame. 

    Wonder when people will stop running after exercise, walking and what not and realize that their diet is the culprit.

    The only thing that is getting healthy on this diet is the pockets of drug companies and processed food companies alike!

  • Question the "EXPERTS" -- diabetologists and Dietitians. 99% feel irritated on being questioned and start releasing their bladder pressure on google because google taught diabetics about how HORRIBLE HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet is and how LCHF diet corrects sugar levels even after dropping 80% drugs.

  • They do. So many doctors have told me that I should not have so much knowledge and it is dangerous for me.

    When I asked one 'diabetes specialist' as to whether glimepiride and pioglitazone exert pressure on pancreas or not, he told me to stop using terms I know nothing about. 

    One even tried to prescribe cholesterol drugs to me as according to her, my HDL cholesterol was 'too high.'

  • For the experts on Cholesterol -- experts who release bladder pressure on anyone who knows more than their pamphlets & guidelines -- 

    A drug which reduces LDL and increases HDL by 130% failed to show any benefit versus placebo wrt heart attacks. So, the stage 3 clinical trial was abruptly ended, very recently. 

    WebMD / Mayo/ AHA et all will not talk about these. They will keep lowering LDL limits to sell more STATINS. They will keep repeating the same old LIE spoken by Mr Ancel Keys.

    Now, if one tell this to a Statin Prescribing LIPID Versus CVD expert, 99% will immediately release their bladder pressure on the messenger. These guys don't like being questioned. They prefer to shoot the messenger by throwing the weight of their useless degrees. Useless because they never answer pointed questions. They feel so insecure on being challenged and only have the OUTDATED and guidelines which are equally useless.

  • Exactly! What is more, even people listen to these experts and call others who advocate diet over medicine, crazy.

  • Well, community of 1000 Indian diabetics on LCHF diet listen less to them these days and wherever they go they tell other diabetics also the same thing -- switch to LCHF diet. This is the largest community of Indian diabetics on LCHF diet to the best of my knowledge and details there on my profile :)

    The doctor who Dx'd me diabetic cannot believe that I am not taking drugs. So time and again he keeps asking my brother's wife what "SUPPLEMENTS" I am taking to avoid drugs. The answer that he gets is what I told him two years back - LCHF  :)

    One of my batch-mate went off drugs for colitis and switched to plain MF for diabetes after a decade of troubles. 

    He has doctors in family. They ask the same thing. How come sugar control got so good and drugs reduced. What "SUPPLEMENTS". He just smiles. He put his diabetic mother also on same lifestyle-- LCHF diet :)

    So, to manage diabetes -- IGNORE THE EXPERTS. They will never let you live with less drugs.

    Yes, we are crazy. We are saving lot of money on Drugs and spending on good food and using OUR OWN BRAIN more effectively. People are jealous of our control so all that they can do is release their bladder pressure by calling us CRAZY  :)

  • Yes, community of 1000+ Indian diabetics on LCHF diet with 250+ meals and 20K posts.

    Inarguably the largest community of Indian diabetics on LCHF diet so far. No spam, no insults, no war of words.

    Brilliant work considering the fact that many complained about LCHF not being possible for Indians.

    I have added link to the Indian forum on my profile

  • I also do the same. Tell everyone to follow LCHF. Have already converted one non-diabetic to LCHF. :) Will keep converting anyone who is willing to listen ;)

    Haha, it surely must baffle them to see all that they studied in med school being proven wrong. To prove the worth of their knowledge, they keep asking such questions.

    A positive thing is that so many doctors are now acknowledging and adapting to LCHF. Would be wonderful when people switch to LCHF on their advice.

    Yes, diet over medicine. Any day!!


    A registered MD with 11 years experience implemented on her Type 1 daughter. 

    And, she is spreading LCHF diet concept in rural areas in South. It's happening -- slowly though.

  • It is great when doctors are willing to have an open mind and are ready to refute the years of lies fed to us. 

    So glad to hear that. Doesn't matter if it is happening slowly. It is happening is what matters.

    We can now dream of a place where people depend on the right food to treat their condition than depending on medicines. :)

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