If HIGH CARB LOW FAT Nonsensical Advise Didn't Improve Anything What's So Scientific About It?

Since 1980's, on the back of a FUDGED study by Ancel Keys, started the LOW FAT "FAD DIET". Yes it is a FAD diet because when you remove FAT and Add sugar it becomes UNNATURAL and FAD -- not BALANCED & HEALTHY as some would want us to believe.

Let's keep the "FAD" part aside for some other day. 

Diabetes population has increased from 4.7% in 1980 to 8.5% this year. So, what's so scientific about this LOW FAT theory? It's a big nonsense to anyone who analyses the data with a NON SPONSORED mind. Time and again, one or more nonsense was pushed to cover the MESS that this nonsensical diet has been creating over the years.  This diet being labelled as healthy despite the failures is something like following being called a "scientific study"


Failed Theories -- BMI (useless as it doesn't even look at muscle mass), calorie-in calorie-out (again a JUNK theory mainly pushed at the behest of food industry), eat less walk more (a FAILED Hypo Caloric diet theory) -- were pushed to cover this nonsensical diet as it made more and more population became OBESE and SICK. Absolutely nothing improved except the profits and sales of DRUG and Food industry.

Type 2 diabetes in particular starts with over supply of INSULIN but no expert ever looks at fasting insulin before starting treatment. This results in a type 2 pushed to insulin shots rather quickly and in addition a plethora of drugs for BP, LIPIDS etc are also added.

We have seen worse case diabetics drop drugs or insulin drastically on dumping the HORRIBLE High carb Low fat diet and switching to LCHF diet. Despite lower drugs and lower insulin they start achieving great numbers. No calories counting, no mindless walking, no BMI theory at play. Just EAT LESS CARBS as Diabetes is all about not being able to handle CARBS. Oh BTW, there's no proof that LCHF diet is bad for heart. If you have one, please show -- not the ANCEL KEYS study please :)

Feeding HIGH CARBS to diabetic is like telling an alcoholic to booz a shot more and then cover with some drugs to protect (if it does at all) the liver. Highly UNSCIENTIFIC and morally PATHETIC.

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  • Double standards will be the undoing. Atkins' was frowned upon for its supposed exclusion of a food group, but that's exactly what the new Eatwell Guide does, with only 1% of the illustration allocated to unsaturated oils. Natural, high-fat foods are purposely excluded.

  • Yes, $1 trillion target for the diabetes care industry by 2020. All working overtime to achieve that. Try and sell HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense as healthy. 

    Get Rich Quick scheme.

    Ignore all LCHF studies or even if give a cursory glance call it difficult diet. Well, I find HIGH CARB LOW Fat Nonsensical diet as the most difficult to follow as it spikes my blood insulin levels, which 99/100 diabetlogists never bother to look at because it's not there in the "Guidelines" 

    Feed all the guidelines to a "Robot" and it would write prescription equally effectively. Why do we need doctors for pills?

  • Oh and please don't tell me to eat the same nonsense by splitting into 10 meals a day. It is just not workable for a professional who can get fired if he wastes more than 30 minutes on eating during office hours.

    Eating some nonsensical food 10 times a day doesn't make it sensible. In fact, if you have to eat 10 times a day to manage blood sugar, the diet is HORRIBLE.

  • "Oh and please don't tell me to eat the same nonsense by splitting into 10 meals a day"

    We are not grazing animals. :D

  • "We are not grazing animals. :D"

    Finished one on same topic -- healthunlocked.com/lchf-die...

  • Anup restarted :):)

  • karch 

    If I am wrong in my thinking I am always open to a civilized debate with anyone. What I don't like is "in-pack" hunting games as being on forums is not "time-pass' for me nor am I seeking attention. My passion is to help diabetics attain better numbers by reducing drugs. Now, have a large team of diabetics doing the same wrt LCHF diet -- helping others who want to switch.

    After building a community of 1000+ Indian diabetics on LCHF diet, I think I have lot of factual material to base my talks on, like all diabetics on LCHF. We never have to "appeal to authorities". Those who do, never like talking numbers and science of medical reports.

  • You dont have to clarify your stand... :)

  • Thanks :)

  • If more people are opposing you ...that means you are getting more famous

    “You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.”

    ― Shannon L. Alder

  • Thanks karch 

    Didn't Chanakya also say something similar?

    Honestly, getting famous is not my agenda. I am very happy with what I have and will have as time passes. 

    I find that number of people opposing LCHF is always fixed -- around 3 to 5 at best. In fact, they are opposing ME not LCHF. One oldie is fixed. He has been after me since 2013.

    How can anyone oppose something that works even on worse case diabetic injecting 100 units insulin? On switching insulin drops to 55 units and he attains 5.x A1C. Who wouldn't like to save rs 2000/month on Insulin and yet attain better numbers? I think a small community of 1000+ diabetics on LCHF that I am aware of is spending Rs 300,000+ per month less of drugs and yet getting better numbers. :)

    That's why, followers of LCHF diet are growing every day, despite all the "strawman" arguments against it.

    @jan-ran posts her testimony about LCHF and some guys get back to "strawman" arguments. They won't spare ladies also. Old habits die hard :)

  • Welcome back

  • I am allowed to post here :)

    Restriction is only on DI. But, now restrictions don't bother me with so many Indian diabetics around all talking LCHF as someone who live that life. Journey of 1 to 1000+ is all that was needed to prove the point :)

    Trying to get everyone restricted just because few guys don't like LCHF will be a huge gamble for all involved in the game. People will start talking negatively about this place on social media. So, as I said, restricting all Indians favoring LCHF diet on Diabetes India will be a BIG GAMBLE.

    Remember how SRK film flopped due to Social Media and people started boycotting snapdeal because of Amir Khan?

  • He he...power of public sentiments has a big weight...patanjali is making such a huge profit due to power of public sentiments :) :)...

  • Well, I don't think public sentiments here has any weight. If it was so, then one of the the most abusive guys who didn't even shy from insulting women all these years wouldn't have survived. It's something else, and I care two hoots about it. 

    Having built the "Largest Community of Indian Diabetics on LCHF Diet" is a big big achievement. Next is register it as a Non Profit Charity/NGO and then move a step ahead. Those who are trying to pull me down here on health unlocked don't know that they cannot stop me.

    Those suffering from "persecution complex" will keep banging their head against the desk as they cannot blunt the LCHF momentum built so far among Indian diabetics. It's not going to die for sure even if I get banned from here. Someone else from 1000+ will come and spread the message. It's too late now  :)

    Not many have managed to have 160 followers here. Closest second is @shootergeorge. This shows people want solutions and not theory of diabetes or attend some examination on diabetes. No one cares about anything but "SOLUTION" and LCHF diet has provided that. That's why I have 160 followers when others are struggling to get even 20 in 3 years :)

  • Some have never offered any workable solution and have spent more time in insulting and provoking anyone or everyone who provided solution through LCHF diet.

    That's why they have struggled to get even 20 followers despite 100's of posts. I see pragyac90 has 20 followers with just 9 posts and some struggled to reach that number even with 200+ posts :)

  • I completely agree with you. This trolling does not achieve anything.

    As for number of followers, I don't think I have done anything to deserve a following, yet. I just post what I believe. :)

  • Some guys on health unlocked have spent more time and energy in provoking others than offering any genuine help or solution. They target LCHF followers as LCHF diet has offered maximum benefit to diabetics around the world.

    Well, if you have 20 followers, people value your 9 posts more than 200 posts of others who are still struggling to get that many followers.

  • Thank you, for thinking so :)

  • "This trolling does not achieve anything."

    It has become very common against anyone preaching LCHF diet. They are specifically targeted by some guys.

  • Lacking in actual evidence of the efficacy of a High Carb Low Fat diet, the only thing they can do is troll and abuse.

  • @aks666 ...really these days DI looks more distracting ...looks like people have deviated from their original motivation to form a support group for diabetic people and indulge more into a cold war ...I am not able to understand what they want to win :)...

    and somehow less interesting as emoticons are not parsed and processed properly :):)

  • "I am not able to understand what they want to win"

    Some are busy just seeking attention instead of helping people.

    And, anyone who talks LCHF to diabetics are always picked up for unnecessary quarrel in an attempt to get them banned or removed. Moderators here need to realize this game being played, if they intend to keep the DI forum as a source organic traffic to the site. People are not interested in seeing chit chat between two or three guys only. They want solutions.

  • exactly ...we are not interested in researches...we are interested in how a research is proving beneficial in day to day life to solve real life "human being" related problems :):) not rats ...dogs or monkeys ...  :) (...see the smiley is smiling vertically ..nobody bothers to make it horizontal)

  • Bottom line in layman terms is:

    (1) High Carb Low fat diet is the most nonsensical dietary advise that can ever be given to a diabetic. Diabetes has quadrupled on this NONSENSICAL dietary advise in 35 years, so it's not even good for a normal human.

    (2) Cutting down carbs and replacing with good fat (LCHF) is a workable solution as proven already by even huge number of Indians. Largest community of Indian diabetics on LCHF diet proves this. I am here helping primarily Indians as LCHF was thought to be impossible for Indians.

    Before someone starts throwing "strawman" logic (ie set of LIES against LCHF), here's the LCHF that we follow and preach:


    Some keep repeating same set of lies against LCHF.

  • @Anup...See the brighter side of your ban in DI...now you have got a broader and general platform to spread your practical knowledge of LCHF , which can be used in treating many problems like colitis and  thyroid rather than only diabetes :)

    Otherwise you would had been showing light to only people suffering from diabetes ...Better overall :)

  • karch 

    Even during my restriction, I have gained 4 followers and count is 161 now. LCHF is good for everyone.

    First restriction in 2013, saw the birth of what is now the Largest Community of Indian Diabetics on LCHF diet. 1000+ and growing. I am not the types who gives up easily :)

  • so your seed has become a plant in 3 yrs...then tree in next 3 yrs :) ...

  • Yes!

    Courtesy all Indian Diabetics on LCHF diet who are actively participating there!

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