Kerosene and Diabetes -- One Research Ancel Keys Style :)

(1) One of the surveys in recent past showed that Diabetes was growing fastest in Chandigarh in India.  

(2) There's another data to show that Chandigarh has slowly become a "Kerosene Free" region in India.

Now, if i were to think like Ancel Keys, I would conclude -- 

Reduction in Kerosene Consumption Will Increase Diabetes. I am sure anyone with time and money can collect data for 22 cities then reject data for 15 cities that don't fit the hypothesis and keep the 7 that do.

I know, any sensible person will laugh at this research. But, that's how Ancel keys fooled the world with his SFA CVD/CHD hypothesis, something that has been busted "N" number of times since then.

We diabetics on LCHF diet also LAUGH at Ancel Keys' FUDGED study blaming saturated fat for CVD/CHD. In fact we are not wrong at LAUGHING at that study if we see that from 1980's -- the time when LOW FAT Nonsense started getting pushed a a healthy dietary advise -- to this year diabetes population has grown from 4.7% to 8.5%and diabetes care industry has becomes a $825 billion global market.

Diabetes drugs and supplies companies and collateral services may be targeting $1 trillion by 2020 and there's no doubt that they will mint that much as the "stupid" LOW FAT dietary advise continues. 10% energy from sugar is still considered healthy and balanced :(

Honestly, all the experts who are pushing this sickening diet for around 4 decades now should hang their head in shame. LCHF diet proves that they are WRONG.

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  • You're just trying to pour fuel on the fire ;-)

    One, next logical step, will be for tax payers in my country to start asking of their Members of Parliament why the National Health Service continues to give low-fat advice, which is even clearer from the new Eatwell Guide, that the weight-of-evidence does not support as being beneficial. As we know, a high carbohydrate diet is detrimental to diabetes and pre-diabetes. 

    Since it is only carbohydrate intake that has proportionately increased over the last forty years, during which the incidence of diabetes has quadrupled, how long before it is accepted that the high carbohydrate diet has contributed, and is a major causal factor?

  • Well, yes tax payers moving a petition in your country can make a difference. But, it has to be a sustained effort as the Pharma Lords aren't going to yield so easily. Diabetes care is $825 billion industry now. Who would want to lose even $1 billion?

    Some studies are already being funded to cover (rigged research?) the failure of this HORRIBLE DIET. One such study now is trying to link Air Quality Index (pollution) with diabetes. 

    As I said, like "Kerosene & Diabetes" study that I did, through regression analysis of CHERRY PICKED data one can prove anything. They will defend till death this HORRIBLE Diet - High Carb Low Fat -- as lot of money at stake.

  • Ancel Keys style research.

    Pick two variables and link it after cherry picking :)

  • This is basically a Satire on "SFA causing CVD/CHD" study and everyone who supports that LIE. It's a LIE as it has been long proven. And Satire is based on real data of Chandigarh so that's not fictional :)

    In fact if you take this "Ancel Keys" style study seriously, then everyone will have to go back to burning kerosene to reduce diabetes ;)

  • Welcome back buddy!

  • Thanks Mike.

    I am only restricted on DI and not on other sections.

    I will post a message when I am allowed to on Diabetes India.

    My Thank You Message for all the support will be the first one on being allowed to post there. So, till then watching the clock tick :)

  • So, isn't the whole SFA CVD theory flawed since it is based on a FUDGED Study -- fudged as lot of cherry picking done and correlation is not same as causation? Correlation is also there between kerosene consumption reduction and increase in diabetes. But, is there a causation? NO. Same applies to Ancel Keys study or any study which merely looks at correlation between two variables.

  • This is how most of "agenda driven" research is done.

    (1) Decide the conclusion before the experiment/study.

    (2) Collect data that would hopefully fit the agenda.

    (3) Do regression analysis to find correlation and repeat it after rejecting non conformant data sets till high confidence level is achieved.

    (4) Publish it as some great research.

    But, always forget one important thing

    correlation =/= causation

  • This "style" of research is known as "Texas Sharp Shooter" fallacy :P

    Site also has the "strawman" fallacy that jingale talked of on some other post by someone else. Strawman fallacy sounds to me like speaking LIES to sound convincing, but it doesn't work as it gets caught.

    Besides, also has "appeal to authority" fallacy that MikePollard mentions whenever someone tries to attack LCH by quoting the so called "world bodies" in their defense ;)

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