Serum Insulin

What is the ideal range of fasting & post prandial serum insulin for a non-diabetic and how a diabetic can understand whether he is insulin resistant or his pancreas is not producing sufficient insulin to combat with the blood glucose. Please discuss in details if possible for benefit of forum members and also to enhance knowledge levels of members as well.

Thanks in advance.

Good luck and God bless.

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  • Do you have an insulin meter to measure insulin levels?

  • @ asoreka....

    At any good lab you can get your fasting insulin checked also with your fasting blood sugar.

    After checking both the things you can put both values in HOMA calculator to find out your insulin resistance . If the value is more than 1 you are resistant to insulin.In other words you beta cells are producing more insulin but your cell are not accepting sugar thru them.

    Insulin resistance= fasting insulin X fasting sugar/405

    Having normal insulin resistance around 1 is better.

    About normal insulin is varied from 2 to 25 units.

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