Lean meat?

Conventional advice is for our protein portions to be lean; cut off the fat to save calories and reduce saturated fat intake. Bad news; lean protein is the fastest way to deplete the liver of vitamin A. Experienced hunters avoid lean meat because they know it will end in sickness and diarrhoea, even eventually death.

We should always eat the fat that accompanies protein in nature; don't go for the low-fat fad, if necessary eat smaller portions.

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  • All dietary advise from mainstream is to create more problems than solve it :)

  • Lean meat is dull and boring anyway!

  • It's difficult (though not impossible) to purchase fatty cuts of meat in the UK if you have to rely on supermarkets, easier if you have access to a good local butcher but not everyone does.

  • I was eating a pork roast at Debenhams with my little boo the other day. I had this internal fight with myself over the fat and crackling. I kept thinking I must cut off the fat. No.. no I don't I eat it. Just a little crackling, no..no all the crackling with the loose fat on it aswell. I ate all the meat and fat, left only the spuds on the plate. I felt satisfied afterwards.

    This brain washing is annoying me. I had a tiny bit of single cream left in the tub with fruit in a bowl. I thought, I will chunk the rest. No... I don't I add the rest to the bowl and eat it all.

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