Low-Carb High-Fat (LCHF)
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Cure for sugar cravings

Replenish the glycogen you use, by eating two portions at each meal of either peas, sweetcorn, lentils, beans (from dry), sweet potato, chickpeas, barely-ripe banana, 5 (preservative-free) dried apricots, quinoa, bulgur wheat, whole-oats or milk - totalling 40g of carbohydrate per meal.

Add to this a sensible amount of non-starchy vegetables, less than a palm-size of natural protein, and make up the balance with natural fat.

This truly balanced way of eating will help normalise your hormone levels, improve your health, and satisfy your appetite.

The World Health Organisation has recommended that less than 5% of energy be obtained from extrinsic sugars; too much sugar is toxic, often mirroring the detriment of too much alcohol (fermented sugar).

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