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LCHF Diabetes


By going through the ‘unknown‘in 2014 it’s now ‘known’ that Diabetes is manageable with pro LCHF diets.

However, while getting into 70s it brings in a new issue relating to higher levels of body fat, lower lean body mass and decreased bone mass. The ‘old man’ looks!!

Our resorting to food supplements to induce HGH it is feared may prompt blood pressure and enlargement of heart.

Fasting is therefore suggested a natural way of resolving this issue as our changing over to LCHF.

Shall we now focus on this issue as to how best the fasting could be sandwiched into our eating habits without compromising our calorie requirements?

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Human Growth Hormone

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While on carbs and drugs before switching on to LCHF, desire to eat all the time was the routine-- 8 am 10 am, lunch, 2pm, 5 pm and the like! Unending hunger!!

After changing over to LCHF, breakfast around 9 a.m. and lunch not before 2.30 p.m. The medication continues but ¼ of what it was.

Restricting to 2 meals instead of 3 will that work in favor?

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Diamicrone 80, aspirin, loscar, atove and CoQ

A1C = 6.1


Your blood glucose is too high suggesting you haven't gone low enough with your carb intake?


I certainly wouldn't go down the artificial hormone route. The natural way to preserve/build lean body mass is through resistance training such as weight training.