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LCHF Diabetes

LCHF diet and alarming results

I have adopted LCHF diet with intake of VCO, VOO, Coconut, butter, Ghee, Cheese, meat, poultry , Paneer etc. from 15.10.2016 and the results are very alarming. The positive factors are:

stopped insulin and reduced diabetic tablets from 4 to 2. More or less, sugar is under control. Reduced weight by 6 kgs.

Before LCHF With LCHF diet

14.10.2016 15.3.2017

Triglycerides 176 374

Cholesterol 177. 326

LDL 98 229

HDL 44 49

VLDL. 35 73

Ketones -ve +ve

FBS 180 128

PLBS 225 160

HBA1C 9.6 8.0

Weight 69 kg 63 kg

I request the seniors to guide me further course of action.

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I am not strictly counting but restricting carb to about 20 gms per day. My intake of protein is more and adding butter to everything I eat.


My daily diet is: Salads (which includes cucumber, red cabbage, yellow and red capsicum), Moong and chana sprouts steamed and fried in VCO, cooked vegetables mostly cauliflower, green capsicum, mushrooms, broccoli, paneer, green leaves all cooked in VCO, Eggs as omlets made with butter and cheese, Chicken cooked with butter, tiur dal, moong dal. I take raw almonds about 30 in a day as snacks. Usually, breakfast is: salads and omelet with 2 eggs, lunch with sprouts and cooked vegetables/ chicken and dinner with cooked vegetables or chicken.

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Your blood glucose is not under control Harikishan. It looks like you are getting an excess of carbohydrate or protein from somewhere.


I think my protein intake is more than the required.

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And what do you think are your sources of carbs and protein ? The legumes you mentioned contain 60-65% carbs. Cooking legumes increase their gi. Better have understanding about diet.

Hidden the lipid profile of @harikishan suggests that he is taking too much carbs. I don't agree with lipids going haywire during the initial phase of lchf but even if i agree his tc and tg values have almost doubled. Clearly showing high carb diet. But he shows ketones positive πŸ’πŸ’ and yet bs very high πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ’πŸ’. With such high bs readings i don't think he can be K positive !!??


Mr. Suramo. Thanks for the information on carb contents in legumes. I have stopped taking sprouts since last one week. Now, I have realised the effect of tut dal and moong dal also. I will stop them henceforth. Thanks once again.

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K production starts only after glucose levels go down. As long as bs is high there will be insulin secretion preventing lipolysis.

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