LCHF Diabetes

A Short Primer

(Apologies to those who've read this post elsewhere, but I was invited by the mods to post here.)

This will be a simple, though I hope compelling post which I hope will clear up some confusion in those concerned with diabetes/weight loss as are they are inextricably linked.

So, it’s the calories right?

Well consider this - 200 calories of bread versus 200 calories of butter.

Eat the bread and blood sugar/insulin rockets.

Eat the butter, no effect on blood sugar/insulin.

Bread turns to glucose in a jiffy. Insulin takes out the glucose, insulin remains high - blood sugar crash.

Butter satiates, body can access stored fat because insulin is low, no hunger.

Insulin causes a blood sugar crash - you have to repeat the carb cycle as you are permanently hungry and don’t lose weight. T2 diabetic sugars up and down on a rollercoaster ride.

Butter eaten. Body loses weight, blood sugar normalises.

Still think it’s the calories?