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Lean Diabetic newbie for LCHF

Hi Everyone,

I am Vivek. 42 years old Male. I am an Engineer and have been working in Software industry since last 17 years. I found about my diabetes in Sep 2011. Tried controlling it with Diet, Exercise and Walking for 5 months but not much success. My HBA1C was 9.2 without medications but with diet and exercises.

So i started with istamet 50/500 (Metformin + Sitlagliptin) morning evening on advice of an Endocrinologist Diabetes Doctor.

Within 4 months of medications my HBA1C came down to 5.9. The doctor then reduced my medications to once daily.For three years i tried controlling my blood sugar with Istament 50/500. Control was not good with average HBA1C = 7. Ended taking medications morning and eve by end of three years. During these three years i lost 4-5 Kgs of Weight as well.

Since last 20 months i started taking Glycomet (500 Metformin + 1 mg Glimipride) morning and Istament 50/500 in the evening. Advised by Doctor.

But even then my HBA1C has been hovering above 7 and lost 2 kgs more. So i lost 6-7 kgs of weight with not very good control even with medications. My current weight is 60.5 kg and height of 176 CM (5 feet, 9.5 Inch) . During these five years, i have been taking Low Fat diet and i guess i have been eating High Carbs.

Then i read about LCHF while surfing. I have tried it in last three months and my HBA1C has reduced to 6.3 with less medications. Just decreased number of Chapati and started eating more dry fruits, olive oil and 1-2 eggs daily.

Then i chanced upon to read about this forum and i understand that i can manage my health better by following this forum.

Hence joining this forum to gain better understanding about LCHF and diabetes management and gain from the experienced members.

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Software industry is facing most of the D crisis :) ...there are many like you in this forum :)


Why you do not spare time for Exercise,Walking, yoga etc.on a daily basis. A person who is diabetic cannot be insulated for various diseases in the long run,diet &sedentary(mostly desktop job) is responsible for the development of Diabetes. After working as desktop boy for long hours on daily basis, one ceased to be an Active Engineer.

I do not consider a person working on desktop as Engineer,Engineering requires working mostly in field,hence he or she automatically get benefits of movements




Then confine yourself to some dark room, What to say of Engineer,a technician is more important than Engineer to the society,


Dried fruit is high in sugar.


Hi Folks,

Don't want to argue over what is true engineering. And yes i did ignore my health and i am paying for it now.

I just want to share that i have tried a very moderate LCHF diet for three months and i have got promising results. My HBA1C reduced from 7.9 to 6.3, My Bad cholesterol decreased 5 % and other results are fine. Also lost 0.5 kg weight. Dry fruits are one of the best foods for a diabetic. I am just trying things slowly and shall keep you all posted.


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