Started LCHF diet

I started the LCHF diet about a week ago and increased my intake of fats such as ghee,Olive oil and reduced carbs. I eat salads with cheese,low carb veggies and avacado. I am experiencing high fibs and pp between 150 and 170. Is this a liver dump episode. Will it normalize after a few weeks. I am a vegetarian and take eggs once week. Any thought?

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  • What's your daily carb and fat intake?

    Add nuts, VCO, hung curd. Cut down carbs if more than 20% and bump up fat to 60%+

  • Thanks much Anup. I haven't bumped up the fat to 60%. I am using VCO sparingly. I include nuts daily. I will use hung curd. I probably use 30% carbs. I will bring it down to 20 %. Will let you know in about week

  • There's no sub for VCO as 2/3 VCO is MCT which can only be disposed off as energy and not stored. Add coconut milk too. But bump these up on ensuring that yr carbs are down to 20% max.

  • Pl tell the brand name of VCO avaiable in the market

  • Most that I now use MERIT VCO.

    Other brands are RUBCO, NIRMAL.

  • Sezal

    buy online. You will get many options. If you are from south you will find in local markets or online.

  • What's VCO & how to use it , please explain

  • Thanks .

  • Please recommend me 7 days LCHF diet plan , I am Rajasthani vegetarian please , I don't know what's carb food in daily life & HF food also

  • I use hung curd like the curd used for shrikand. Just using a strainer works for me.

  • please post your diet plan

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