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Processed or natural?

People reading what I post will acknowledge that my views very much go against the current dietary advice, indeed it is polar opposite.

I am old enough to remember my generation, and earlier, who were neither obese nor diabetic. The desperate and confused and will grasp at any wacky pill or herb straw and will get no answers from the establishment as to the real reasons.

However, I operate on the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid) and just remember what life was like until governments and vested interests (farming, pharma and food) got in on the act. My mantra was and is - firstly follow the dollar and realise that the powers that be to whom you are in thrall, are NOT acting in your, or society's best interests, they are acting to stay in power and or keep their shareholders happy:

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The Kitavans are often cited as the black swan to the low carb theory

It is noticeable that their diet has little processed food. Their carbs are low Gi too.

What we need to recognise is that they are the extreme of a continuum of diverse, healthy diets; the optimal is likely to be less extreme. With 21% of energy from fat, 17% saturated, that may indicate the lowest fat intake advisable for a human because of our need for fat soluble vitamins for example.

Note also the low intake of unsaturated oils. The Jaminets' Perfect Health Diet asserts that less than 4% of energy should come from EFAs. The reason they are essential is that a regular turnover is necessary to prevent rancidity.

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