Request simple details of LCHF Diet

Request simple details of LCHF Diet

Though I am not new here yet not able to find the exact mention of LCHF diet . Still, will be in search of the simple description of food/recepie for and Indian male of 60 yrs . Frankly calculating calories and cab 20% and such examples may not be understood by many like me. Hope some of the worthy members would come to the rescue. waiting for such meaningful posts. Thanks .

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  • The beauty of LCHF is that you don't have to calculate anything as appetite controls the proportion. Just make sure most of what you eat is natural fats, (not seed oils). Carbohydrate in green vegetables and protein takes care of itself. Have a look through here and tailor things to chime with your cultural foods.

  • Here is a list of many LCHF food items for your information.





    • Eggs

    Meat –

    beef, lamb, pork, chicken

    (preferably pasture fed not grain


    • Bacon

    • Fish esp cold water fish (salmon, sardines)

    Vegetables that grow above ground –

    incl all cabbage (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts). asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, olives, spinach, mushrooms, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, onions, peppers, tomatoes

    • Berries – strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries

    • Dairy –

    full fat milk, cream, butter, cheese, Greek yoghurt

    Drinks –

    water, coffee, green tea, beef broth

    Nuts –

    almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia

    Cook with ....

    • Olive oil

    • Coconut oil • Butter. Pure Ghee

    AVOID ...

    • Sugar - soft drinks, candy, juice, sports drinks, chocolate, cakes, buns, pastries, ice cream

    • Breakfast cereals

    • Bread and related products

    (biscuits, crumpets, muffins,

    cakes) • Rice

    • Potatoes and other starchy vegetables

    • Pasta

    • Margarine

    • Beans and legumes

    • Most fruit (exc berries) • Fruit juices

    • Flavoured yoghurts

    • Beer

    Don’t cook with ....

    • Vegetable oil

    • Seed oils (canola, sunflower,

    safflower, cottonseed, grapeseed oil etc)

    Have occasionally

    • Alcohol – red or white wine, spirits

    • Chocolate – >70% cocoa

  • Very many Thanks Mr. Hari kishan. Just two small doubts. Can one take Oatmeal/ Dahlia in breakfast? secondly can one take Roti/ Chapati (2/3 nos) in lieu of Rice during Lunch or Dinner.

    Thanks again .


  • They are rich in Carbs. If you want to take them, ensure that your total intake of Carbs in a day should be 20% only.

  • You may take roti or chapati only 1/2 portion if you consume cooked rice it will beonly 40-50 gms of cooked rice only further you may not consumed both chapati and roti and cooked rice aslo You may consumed any one total quantity of less carbs that is20 % or less

    Best thing you can use more vegetavle sabji and some prtion of sprouted whoile moong or channa dal or you may consume whole moong or whole channa make it usal with adding some onion is good

  • Good information those who followed LCHF system

  • There's no short cut to success. So, to be on sure footing you will have to learn carb counting. There are many apps available which can help you. You can also search my posts.

  • May be lazy and ignorant people like me expect the experts like mr. anup to reconsider charting out the LCHF diet for B/F, lunch and dinner including snacks as consumable by an average Indian . Sorry your website again takes one on a circular ride without reaching anywhere meaningful. Let others be benifited by your remarkable reseaarch work.


  • Then I am really sorry. Spoon feeding will never help as every meal you will be uncertain. I am a tough taskmaster as I do not take money out of a diabetics pocket, so don't indulge in sweet talks. For personalized attn you can always hire some one, pay him/her and get what you want.

    Lot of meals -- close to 300 now -- are posted on the site which you consider a circular ride. If that site could change life of 1000+ diabetics, it can;t be circular. I don't think even a dietitian will give you 3 meals for 500 bucks worth of consultation.

  • Thanks for your sweet talk in the form of strict advice. Sought your suggestions after finding unsatisfactory results from Lifespan and ApolloSugar during last 3 months (45 days each). Adhered to their increased dosage of Insulin and Metformin, followed the diet as advised including regular exercise. Still sugar level remains the same as before (BBF-180, ABF- 260). Convinced that its only through diet one can control the BS level, thought of finding the correct menu for a 60 yr old Indian. And expected some one like mr. anup , who is eminent in LCHF circuit would guide me. The cold rebuke from the hard task master is acceptable though. Thanks Sir!

  • How much CARBS in 100 grams peanuts?

    Check from :

    Likewise do for all the input items of your meal, build a list -- will not take more than a day. One day time spent for better health is always worth it.

  • Pls tell me about Ground Nut Oil because it is cheap compared to others i am allready using 1 tbs of coconut oil in each meal, thanks.

  • There's no substitute for VCO.


    Because VCO has 2/3 MCT which doesn't go through lymphatic system and can only be disposed off as energy. Cost in the long run has to be computed based on cost of good health, cost of drugs. I am a north Indian, yet all my cooking also has switched to VCO.

  • G N oil is not cheap .It cost Rs160/- per kg whereas other oils are between 100 to 120 kg

  • I use G N oil ,butter, butter oil and serson oil only

  • None have much MCT.

  • I understand you live in Ludhiana .i live in patiala .Pl tell which brand VCO your are purchasing?

  • Can anyone share a sample of LCHF indianot diet.

  • (1) This is LCHF that we follow:

    (2) From find carb , fat protein of 100 items that's commonly used in your kitchen. Prepare a xl sheet if you can.

    (3) Then, calculate your own CARB/FAT/Protein of your current meals.

    (4) Using (2) and (3) start correcting your diet to hit LCHF range.

  • Sorry indian diet

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