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Finding support around you | People of HealthUnlocked - Meet Grandpa Chuckie


Hi everyone. This week's story is proudly brought to you by Grandpa Chuckie, who shares how he managed to stay strong and find support when his world was turned upside down. Can you relate? Tell us how having a support system has helped you stay strong, in the comments below. 💚

"Back in August 2001, I found myself in a situation that was beyond my control; my world was turned upside down. I literally could write a book on the adverse events that occurred (followed by 9-11, I was responding to a TRO “Temporary Restraining order”). Let me preface this to state for the record, I am an honest, law-abiding man/husband who treats others like I want to be treated. Only had one traffic ticket in my entire 65 yrs. I was happily married to a woman who I thought was loving and kind. I have never had any mental issues nor treatment.

I had a mental break down because of the issues I was going through: unknown toxin in my body from unknown source was destroying my liver. Came home from work to find a moving van with workers finalizing loading OUR household goods into the van as my wife got into our van and left. I asked questions but nobody was speaking. A neighbor couple came to console me and offered suggestions on financial, like freeze our bank accounts first thing in morning. Following day 5 minutes after the bank opened, the teller tells me my wife just left and took all the money except $50 in each of 2 accounts (she took over $10K) and had charged over $33K on credit cards. Instantly, I had no money, as she also cashed my monthly paycheck!

The following day, I was served with a TRO “Temporary Restraining order”, with all sorts of allegations (all untrue), along with 2 deputies, one to watch me, the other my wife as they went through to house to “retrieve some belongings” but 2 days prior had basically removed the entire contents. What did she need?

That night, a different neighbor came over to comfort me. We talked a lot! He, being an outsider could see some things I did not. He asked “Did the doctors ever figure out what was destroying your liver?” No. He then asked about her knowledge of herbs, which was extensive. As he asked me these questions with his hands resting on his head, my gaze was directed to behind his arms to the only thing on the counter, a spice rack that I had moved to the back as I had cleaned house the night of her leaving (the house was pretty empty I decided to clean up). And that spice rack was key. I had noticed it because in cleaning the counter there was a little label under that spice rack that said “Dill Seed”. I spun the rack around and found 2 bottles that had no label, one contained an olive-coloured powder, the other tan-coloured little seeds and upon opening and sniffing, it smelled like pickles. So I licked the label and stuck it on the bottle, and shoved the whole rack to the back of the counter.

As I gazed at that spice rack, my friend then asked “With you being so sick for so long, and your wife’s knowledge of herbs, do you think she might be poisoning you with some herb!” I don’t know if you believe in God or a Supreme Being or not, but at that point, I became a believer! I gasped, And then an overwhelming, flood of emotions gushed through me!! (My eyes are tearing up now as I write). I stood up with tears flowing and sure enough, that spice bottle with no label was empty!! Only a hint of dust remained! That was the purpose of the TRO, she forgot to retrieve or empty the evidence, and needed to get back into that house!

That was the beginning of a whole series of events that changed my life forever!!! Which leads me to my relating to Emily! (

You see, months later after many emotional events that followed, I was still trying to work, I HAD to work as I needed some income, I had an appointment with my attorney and I had about a 45-minute drive from where I worked in the mountains. As I drove down a curvy road, I saw some deer jumping, but it was in slow motion. I watched and thought “Wow, how do they do that! How can they jump so slow!”. I then saw a slow-moving car in front of me, and I passed it. Then another car. And another. I passed them all. “Why is everybody driving so slow!! This is so weird!” As I was driving down this winding 8% grade, I happened to look at the speedometer, 70 MPH! Huh, something must be wrong with it, that can’t be right because you can’t take these curves that fast!

I made it to my attorney’s office. I went in and after a very brief discussion, she handed me a note and said, “I want you to see a good friend of mine! He wants to talk to you, and help you. He’s waiting for you now!” I thought this is weird, my attorney telling me to speak to her friend. Why! None of any of these things hit me…….until I got with her “friend”. He was a psychiatrist. And nothing he said made sense nor I can remember, not even his name, except this. He gave me some papers that had a bunch of questions. I only remember the first one: add two three-digit numbers. I only remember the two numbers in the ones column: 7+6. I couldn’t answer it! Now I am real good at math; trig, geometry, algebra 1 & 2, Calc, etc. But I could not add 6+7. The doctor said you can use your fingers if you want. At that point, I knew something was wrong with ME. I couldn’t figure out how to add 6 to 7 because I only have 5 fingers!! I was a mess! As I sobbed in his office, he gave me a big hug. I then ASKED for help!!!

I am crying now, not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy as I am happy that people cared about me, who wanted to help me, and did! Later as I dealt with all the other events in my ordeal, there were people helping me along the way. I had a deputy hug me and told me a few comforting words that came true. I had my parents who paid my attorney and doctors. Somebody put $500 cash in an envelope in my box. I found groceries on my doorstep when I came home. Any my attorney really encouraged me and said something profound that I will never forget 'I've seen a lot of people who come to me with a whole bunch of problems, but never anything like this! Somebody is watching over you, because He has a purpose for you!'

So here I am, trying to help others around me. And my current wife knows exactly why I do the things I do. And she is the exact opposite of my first wife. This one is MY FRIEND!! I can relate to Emily's Post-Partum story! She has FRIENDS!!

There were and are now, positive people who helped in so many ways, and at the right time. And this platform is an additional avenue to provide that help! I am saddened when I read the ordeals people carry on their shoulders, but joy follows as I read the replies. All the upbuilding thoughts, suggestions, prayers extended by members! ”


Grandpa Chuckie has given us consent to share his story.


Stories on HealthUnlocked have an incredible way of raising awareness around certain conditions and wellbeing needs, as well as inspiring people who might be in the same situation as you. Would you like to share your health journey? Email me at to learn more.

xo, Leilah

14 Replies

Wow! that is some heart rendering story. I wish Grandpa Chuckie all the best . :) xx

This is indeed moving so thanks for publishing this Leilah and well done for being so honest Grandpa Chuckie.

I'm very pleased that we have chatted on HE and you'll get lots of support on all the HU platforms methinks. 😊

Your story is very moving.

With good wishes,


Hallelujah, God Bless grandpa Chuckie and his wife

oh my ...hope your health has improved sorry for how life has treated you ,well how your first wife did ...remember not all people are so mean ....believe that there is a world of wonderful people in this world ...stay strong and enjoy your life with your new wife and life ...enjoy it ...

God Bless Grandpa Chuckie! I’m so glad there were people there to help! I recently went through a horrible family crises, similar to what Grandpa Chuckie had to deal with! It was a nightmare!! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to recover from the evil, and mean doings, that are within the family, that caused several in the family to become heartbroken, over horrible circumstances, that were out of their control!

Such a moving story - thank you for sharing❤️

I too believe in Friends. They are everything. A couple of really good ones and some more casual ones but nevertheless good contacts. I cannot imagine a life without friends. It is so important for mental health. Otherwise you are just relying on yourself and very often we don't see ourselves clearly. And being a good friend back to them. It is not a one way street. Wishing Grampa Chuckie all the best.

Cheers, June S.

LeilahHU, I love the stories you share with the us. I also want to thank Grandpa Chuckie for telling his story and I am so glad it worked out so well for him!

grannyk 🌻

Ah thank you grannyk3 :-) that means so much!

Wishing you the best Grampa Chuckie. I'm glad that things have worked out well for you in the end. You've been through such a lot.

Take care,

Zest :-)

Hi MarketingHU and Grandpa Chuckie,

This is a good ending to a hard time.

I hope things go smoother now for you, Gramps Chuckie!😀👍 Glad to have you on HE and HU, in general!😀👍

what a horrible time Gramps Chuckie. hope you now have a happy life with no long lasting health problems. Thank you for sharing that, Wishing you well xxx

Grandpa.Chuckie. Thankyou for your testimonial . We all need to hear these modern day miracles. I hope you continue to be blessed with long healthy happy life God bless you .Poppy Story

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