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How we work: technical support


Hello all,

Just wanted to share a quick, informative post about the technical support available to you at HealthUnlocked and how it all works.

Help Centre:

If you have any questions about how to use our site such as, “How do I follow or unfollow a community?” or “I can’t remember my password - how can I log in?”, the first place to check is our Help Centre:

Our Help Centre is full of step-by-step articles with videos explaining answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a query about something, chances are you can find the answer there.

You can find the Help Centre easily:

Desktop & Mobile: Click on your profile image, on the top right-hand corner of the screen, and select “Help” from the drop down menu.

App: Click on “Profile”, on the bottom bar. Then click on the gear symbol on the top right-hand corner of the screen, and select “Help”.

The Help Centre also contains articles with information about HealthUnlocked as a platform, and resources for you to access mental health support, should you need it. If we’re missing something you think is important, or if something isn’t clear enough in our articles, please get in touch and let us know!

Who to contact:

If you need a little extra support, have suggestions for us or if you notice any technical problems on the site, please reach out to the HealthUnlocked team directly via this form:

With technical issues, it’s really helpful for us to have as much information as possible so that we can try and reproduce it. If you could tell us what type of device you are using to access HealthUnlocked, and what browser, or send us a screenshot of the problem you are experiencing - we would really appreciate it. If all you know is that you’re using a phone or a computer and something’s not quite right, that’s also fine - get in touch and we’ll work with you to diagnose the issue.

Our team is constantly working on improvements to the site. We have a long list of projects we want to get round to, to make your communities run better and more safely. This means that we have to prioritise our work to get the most important bits done first. If you request an improvement and it seems like it’s not getting done, we’ve not forgotten about it! We’re just waiting for the right time to start work on it, or working on more pressing things in the meantime. Your feedback and input into HealthUnlocked is really valuable and helps inform all of our decisions, so it’s important that you know we do listen to you. Thank you!

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Thank you LauraHU I appreciate everything you all are doing for us. The Lung Cancer Support is a great site been here since 2016. I asked Maddie if we could get to know you all and you all get to know us. Were more than cancer. So the next time I went to go to another site aha you all have a community now so we can get to know you. That makes it so much better. I'm on other sites and they are all great I've tried other sites..but the one I first joined is lung cancer support it used to be freetobreath but they went with a research group. I glad. To have the Bonnie j Addairio foundation. They are doing a great job too. I'm sure you know I am a six year Survivor of lung cancer I do everything I can to help the other lung cancer patients I had stage3 in lympnodes a lot of the others have stage4. The new treatments and more coming out. Are letting them to live longer and that's great. Sorry this is so long I just wanted you to know. Love susiejo1948

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Hi SusieJo1948!

Thanks for your reply, I look forward to getting you know you a bit more too.

Thanks so much for your support in the communities you follow and for HealthUnlocked, we really appreciate it!

Thank you Laura Hu, it's nice to know we have people like you we can rely on and get the help we need thank you you are really appreciated 😊 Bernadette



How do we add more than 1 picture in a post?

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Hi Supremo,

You can't add more than one picture to a post.

What you could do is to use a collage application on your phone/tablet/computer to add multiple photos in one, providing it's still readable.

I added up to 4 pictures like that - more than 4 and the details are hard to see.


HiddenThis reply has been deleted
HiddenThis reply has been deleted

First thanx for the info . Second, how does one post a link from a Mac on the website?

in reply to neta

Hi neta

To post a link from another website, you will need to copy the link (right click on the link and select copy), you can then paste the link into a post, reply or private message (right click in the text box and select paste).

I hope this helps!

Imho you should require newbies to complete their profile in order to be a member. There are too many unnecessary questions to understand how to help with no knowledge of the situation at hand!

in reply to Break60

Break60, thanks so much for your feedback.

We appreciate that this information can be helpful when communicating with another member, so we are currently exploring ways to increase the number of completed profiles for both new and long-term members. Hopefully this will help our members to feel better able to support one another!

in reply to LauraHU

Thanks. It has to help. For one thing it keeps us from having to repeat over and over our history and it allows us to help more effectively when we have the whole picture.

in reply to LauraHU

I'd rather appreciate being able to add at least the very basic formatting (bold, italic and underscored) within profiles.

Seems odd that it doesn't allow the same formatting as posts.

LauraHU, you have helped me several times and I appreciate the help.

I have a question about the security instructions HU gives for me to keep my information private.

I have followed the instructions and when I follow them exactly regarding blocking cookies, I can't log in to HU. If I remove the block tick, I can get on and I get the cookies from everywhere---of course from sites that have advertising in the margins. It is interesting also, that the only pop-up ads I get are from HU.

Why even give me instructions to protect myself if HU has a work around for itself, or won't allow the protection that I prefer?

Thank you, and this is not directed at you, of course, just asking you to shlepp my woe to the PTB (powers that be).

in reply to cllady01

Hi Cllady01,

Would you mind sending an email to with the details of your internet browser and possibly a screenshot of the pop-up ads you're referring to? Once we have a bit more information we can try to resolve the issues for you!

Laura, I cannot do the screenshot--I have tried. Probably not updated to that point. At this point I am going to just let it go. It has lessened in its amount of showing up and in an ichat discussion with CLLSA team, there doesn't seem to be an interest to address it since it is happening to some but not all---and it seems to be U.S. members getting it.

Thank you Laura, for you reply- we are in a horrendous heatwave and my energy was low to begin with, so I'm just letting sleeping dogs lie at the time.

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