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An afternoon chat with... Chloe


A new instalment in this series: this time we're catching up with Chloe, our brilliant resident Data Scientist!

The important stuff first. Coffee or tea?

Definitely tea - and with milk please! I love it so much, I think it weighed in my decision to move to the UK (in France everybody looked at me strangely when i asked for some milk to put in my tea) :)

When did you join HealthUnlocked?

In March 2017.

How did you get into data science?

Seeing how machine learning was able to help people in so many different sectors like assisting doctors in their diagnosis and helping understand text in many different languages... I just wanted to be a part of it and try and make a positive difference.

What's your favourite thing about (working for) HealthUnlocked?

I love seeing the impact that HealthUnlocked can have on people’s lives. I’m thrilled whenever we receive users’ testimonies of how HealthUnlocked has helped them.

And I also love the people I work with!

(We love you too Chloe!) What's something you've done at HealthUnlocked that you're proud of?

Any feature that we built on the platform that helps users have a better experience usually makes me proud. For instance, recommending similar users to follow, tagging posts with relevant conditions or treatments and grouping them in relevant pages, etc. Lately, I’ve also been trying to understand how users usually talk about their health in order to improve their search experience and I think I’ll be pretty proud of this feature when it comes out.

What's your favourite hobby?

My latest hobby is calligraphy. I love learning about all the ways to write pretty cards to my family and friends. And it also provides me with a good excuse to get away from my computer for a while!

What's the hardest part of your job?

I think the hardest part of my job is having to manage my expectations. There are so many things that I’d like to do to improve people’s experience on HealthUnlocked but whenever I build a new model I realise that it’s never going to be perfect (machines are just machines!). So I have to accept that despite giving it my best effort, sometimes models will get things wrong.

What's one thing that you've learned from being at HealthUnlocked?

Since I started at HealthUnlocked I’ve learned a lot of computer-science related skills but the main thing I realised, coming from a completely different background, is how difficult and demanding it is to continuously improve a platform of this size!

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Vesa hi that was great getting to know chole.tell her I said keep up the good work. I like getting to know the people behind. Scenes. So tell me about your self. I've got to know Maddie a little. I enjoy learning about the communitys. My favourite is the lung cancer community it's like home and family.I enjoy helping the ones who are here and the new ones who just diagnosed. I've helped a lot of people on this forum. I am a lung cancer survivor 6 years. Thank you love susiejo1948

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