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World Cancer Day: These are the things you can do to help someone with cancer

We asked nice of our charity and non-profit partners what people can do to help friends and family with cancer.

See the nine tips they gave us in our latest blog. press.healthunlocked.com/po...

You can also share your own tips by commenting below.

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Cancer took my mom 27 years ago at age 46 from metastatic breast cancer. I’m on this site today, in my early forties, taking the bull by the horns. Estrogen dominance created a warm and snuggly environment within my beautiful mama for her cancer to thrive. I’ve balanced my hormones with BHRT after suffering for over ten years with hormone-imbalance and pmdd. Little did I know I was just like my mom. On the way to disease with a body out of balance. Cancer is an ugly ugly painful brutal way to die. If I get terminal cancer, I’m going to Oregon and taking a drink of sleep. But I may be in a position now that my mom couldn’t have known of then (1991). BHRT is coming into the spotlight. She was a health nut, thin and strong, spiritual and purposeful, smart as a whip and humble and kind. Cancer came like a thief in the night. I’m standing by the door with a taser. Cancer comes near me and it’s gonna get tased, bro!! Anyway bless all who support people with cancer. My deepest dream is to help victims of cancer because it’s the deepest pain of my life and I have true empathy for all involved.

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