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Your tips for staying healthy over Thanksgiving and Christmas

We have a really exciting holiday and Christmas campaign coming up in December, together with some of our charity and non-profit partners. We look forward to sharing more information about it at the beginning of December.

In the meantime, we would love to hear your tips for staying well and healthy, managing your health condition and eating healthy during the Thanksgiving and Christmas period.

Share your top tips below.

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Plan your meals ahead. Fill up on fresh fruit & veggies and then you won't be interested in the foods slathered in fat, salt & sugar. Doing this will help your body to avoid any things like a sugar rush and so while everyone else is crashed out fast asleep you will be buzzing with energy to fully enjoy the festivities.

Remember you can overeat as much as you like if you eat good veg such as steamed brussel sprouts, carrots, parsnips, potatoes (normal and sweet) without any of the oily foods that others around you may be eating. Yes overeat to your hearts content. A good gut will settle all that through metabolising fabulous balanced nutrition into your body. Top it off with a few nuts, especially walnuts and brazils.

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But I would also remind folks that they don't have to totally deny themselves all the holiday goodies. Just take a couple of spoonfuls of each thing that you really want and that you don't usually eat for the rest of the year. Totally denial is setting oneself up for disaster, then you feel even worse about yourself for "failing."


My go to foods are porridge in the morning with chopped nuts; eating raw fruit bars i.e. dates and cashews (there are no other ingredients in the bars and I have the ingredients now to make my own); I snack on grapes a fair bit and bought some gorgeous mandarins the other day and drink plenty of water as now only does that fill you up it also hydrates the body well and is good for the skin, particularly as this time of year we all live in centrally heated homes.


Well, of course I'm going to give tips about looking after your hearing:

If you're going to loud parties, concerts or firework displays, look after your ears - use earplugs - discreet professional style ones can be bought for about £12. The average disco is safe for about 15 minutes - after that, your hearing is at risk.

For more information; plugem.co.uk


Very good advice Nic (and I’ve just learned what BTA stands for).



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