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The very best health bloggers shortlisted in the HealthUnlocked Health Blogger Awards 2017!

We have today announced the shortlist for the HealthUnlocked Health Blogger Awards 2017.

30 blogs were shortlisted from over 600 entries nominated into the awards. The awards recognise the contribution, effect and real life impact that health and wellbeing bloggers have on millions of people across the world.

The shortlisted bloggers cover conditions including Parkinson’s, lupus and cancer, to mention just a few, alongside diet, fitness and weight loss. Additionally some of the most inspiring blogs from people who care for others have been shortlisted. Bloggers from both the UK and U.S. feature in the list

You can now vote for your favourite - the one that has had the biggest impact on their lives.

Votes can be cast at healthbloggerawards.com and will close on 29 September.

People can vote for one blogger in each of the award categories.

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I just don't get it? the person that blogs the most, is that person an expert in many fields of health problems, one can only share help from our own perspective, the subjects covered are vast, when i read some of the blogs the mind boggles, yes we want to pass knowledge of our own experiences, but we are not medical experts as I believe some sufferers believe bloggers can provide a magic bullet to solve their problem instantly, if that were true we would not need the health professionals, who by the large number of followers of sites like this, proves even they do not have all the answers or cures, all we can do is be sympathetic lend an ear, and speak of our own personal situation, would I still be here after well over fifty years of pain, if I had found the answer to pain relief and all the years of suffering? No.

Mind over matter the hardest thing to do, but to survive its the only medicine available, certain drugs might reduce pain even then it is finding the balance, what suits one person can be diabolical to another, I don't know how many variations of drugs I had over my life time, operations that I thought would do me good because I was clutching at straws, I had very dark experiences am I any better than I was all those years ago? I'm still suffering does it get easier no, can I manage my situation, only with years of training of perseverance. Hermes.


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