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Introducing the HealthUnlocked Needs Assessment

Why did we make this?

Health is complex. Disease states or conditions don’t limit themselves to causing physical symptoms and effects, they often impact every dimension of life. They can negatively affect mental wellbeing, restrict the ability to complete certain daily activities, or produce problems in finding adequate care or information.

Depending on individual circumstances, the same physical health diagnosis can create very different needs for individuals with the same condition. It can be hard to categorize the variety of needs at a given time, which in turn limits the ability to self-manage priority needs. We want to do what we can to solve this problem by helping you identify and prioritize your needs.

But, what is it?

Our needs survey is a general assessment that has been designed to support self-management by identifying needs across five dimensions: psychological & wellbeing, independence & activity, treatment & care access, family & social, and information & support. The assessment will provide a custom report that can:

- Categorize and prioritize your top needs at the time of assessment

- Improve awareness and communication of needs

- Show you a breakdown of common needs experienced by others in your community

You will have the opportunity to take the assessment at repeated intervals, allowing your changing needs to be reflected in the assessment over time.

This needs assessment is the initial version. Included in your report is a link to a quick (promise!) feedback survey. We would love if you could fill this out and give us any feedback you have so we can hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Where do I find it?

You will find your needs assessment in your user drop down menu at the top of the page. You can navigate back to this section at any time to see your report, which includes your personal report section as well as up to date community breakdowns.

Take your needs assessment now! healthunlocked.com/your-needs

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