Our new global app for iphone is here

Our new global app for iphone is here

A new and improved version of the app is out and what's more, it is now available in the U.S. and across the whole world.

The latest version of the app includes much requested features (e.g. pinned posts, profile bio) and fixes an issue that affected some users when trying to submit a post or reply.

If you have already have the app, you should download the latest version in order to benefit from the new improvements.

Please tell all your friends and family of this exciting news.

The app is now available to download from the app store: itunes.apple.com/app/apple-...

There is not currently an app available on android. We'll keep you updated on the development of this as it happens!

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  • That has got to be good news for everyone. Not only spreading the word but learning as well how thyroid problems are treated around the world so has to be a win win situation!

    Thanks to everyone concerned.

  • Is there an Android app

  • Android pretty please😁😁😁😁

  • Down loaded app for my Ipad, It will not flip when Ipad is turned, I use Ipad with a keyboard and that makes app unusable. I suggest you program app to flip like 90% of all other apps.

  • Hi Billash, great to hear you are using the new app. Please send your feedback to app@healthunlocked.com and they will look into it for you :-)

  • Hi

    It's specifically a iPhone app set in portrait mode.

    Although you can download to iPad using the link it is not supported.

    If you go to the iPad App Store, it comes up as not found.

  • That's great news, but hopefully android mode to follow please.

  • Android for me too please.

  • If you Release the App enable for Anroid users, most of the people including me get benefitted.

  • Majority of people in world have prefer android smartphones so why was iPhone app yet again given presidence over the majority of android smartphone users? Should have rolled both out together or not at all. Thumbs down.

  • Android?

  • Android please!!!

  • Downloaded latest to iPad but display is only size of iPhone screen - is this correct?

  • Hi

    Click the X2 at bottom right of screen.

  • Thanks very much - much easier to read

  • Pardon me while I yawn. I am of an age where my phone is the original version of the nokia that has just been reissued. Mostly I forget to switch it on have it charged or top up the money to keep it going. Still for all those folk who walk about viewing the screens no doubt it will be useful.

  • As I am partially sighted I use an iPhone to help me navigate the world others can do with just their eyes I thank the Lord for new technology as it helps me to live a much more normal life. Pressures on people now a days are so different from what they used to be hence people checking their phones a lot also some phones have maps on them so you can check u are going in the right direction. Some runners use them because music helps them with their pace or motivation. My husband had a Nokia and would not change but when he did to an iPhone he realised the benefits outweighed his Nokia anyday. 😁

  • Whilst i can see how it will help people with disabilities I am not entirely convinced it is pressures on folk leading to smartphone use although I agree there are considerable pressures. There seems to be a strange need to be constantly talking and checking messages even whilst out for a meal.

    Often wondered why some runners cut themselves off from the landscape and bird song .

  • Yes it the world we live in it has good bits and bad bits but life has always been like that. Runners are not wanting to look at the landscape or hear birds singing if they wanted to do that they would go out for a leisurely walk the price of gym membership is so expensive and training for marathons has to be done outside really. It makes sense to train the way they do. I think many people wondered what ever use the first telephones would ever have and were nervous using them moving with the times can sometimes be unnerving and seemingly unnecessary for some.

  • Spelling mistake ' Accross ' correct spelling is 'across'

  • Thank you for all the feedback. We are working on an android app and we will keep you all updated as this progresses.

    If you are having any technical problems with the app on your iphone or ipad please email app@healthunlocked.com where someone will be able to take a look into the issue you are having and respond directly.

    Many thanks

  • Android please 😞

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