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Pioneering new study proves that healthy food is a powerful antidepressant

Research from Australia suggests for the first time that people with moderate to severe depression can improve their mood by eating a healthier diet.

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Hermes123. Sorry but yet another blinker report if yet again over the years if I had been paid a pound for I would be a multi millionaire by now. As per usual these papers reports articles call them what one will, are posted to soon before the research has been thoroughly brought together, the UK. can not me judge by hot temperature climate where there are a lot of natural Vitamin C. in the atmosphere and the food grown, just have a look at the number of older Brits that emigrate in latter life, for that healthier life style that they cannot get in the UK. Most suffer a lot less than us pain levels are down generally and much more happier people.

We know the virtues of a Mediterranean diet, I for one eat as close as possible mainly because I like that type of food, but I feel in the UK. There is to much toxicity in our bodies in the pain relief drugs to help many of of control our pain, balance that by the adverse effects of other courses, bloating ulcerated stomachs causing acid in the blood stream, the number of drug changes G.P.s have to go through with some patients to find the right balance for patients.

The argument over the value of paracetamol value or no value, I find they make me bloated given the appearance of being over weight of which I am not. spot on the weight I should be but look a couple of stone overweight. When I have tried in the past to reduce the intake my stomach has reduce but my pain threshold has increased, I am eight Paracetamol a day plus twelve gabapentin a day.

I am a small eater no alcohol due to medication I cannot put this down to food intake but a hole combination of cross over problems that are different in every pain sufferer. This is based on my over fifty years of pain suffering, so far as I am concerned one can be help to manage pain but cannot be relive of pain, weather that is food drugs or any other forms these are only tools, I am still looking for that electrical bullet that can block a pain pathway to the brain. Thank you.


I don't doubt it. I completely believe that natural foods can cure all ailments... Etc. And pharmaceutical drugs are bogus.

I've read many times that a handful of cashew nuts and going outside helps with depression.

I have a brain injury which all started because of one brain tumour that then became two brain tumours a couple of years later. After what I have read, I now believe my brain injury was brought on because of my diet.

When I was little, I used to have a horrible, junk food diet. Pure sugar and very acidic. Look into the bodies PH regulatory system for more info. This was when I was diagnosed with my first tumour. I continued with my horrid diet as usual and a couple of years later I am diagnosed with my second tumour.

As I got a little older I started to wean off of the sugary foods and started eating a little better, which did make a difference to my health. I used to drink a lot of pop/soda. Once I stopped drinking so much of that I wasn't so pale looking.

A few years ago is when I started eating a lot more natural foods, more fruit and veg and my health has improved a lot :).

I believe that cancer is a big business. There is a cure for cancer, it has been supressed by the government for years and years.


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