My technique for getting my Jump Out Of Bed (JOOB) factor back

My technique for getting my Jump Out Of Bed (JOOB) factor back

I've been struggling quite badly with depression over the past 6 months after my GP basically gave up on me. Things are starting to get a bit better now, but it is taking a lot of effort.

One thing that has always bothered me the most is how I would find it so difficult to get out of bed in the morning. I would always lay there for ages and then eventually get up when I knew I couldn't delay any longer - this made me late for work a few times which made me quite stressed.

I managed to find an elegant solution though. I realised that essentially, each morning there were two sides of me fighting. One side that wanted to get out of bed and one that wanted to stay. I decided to give them each a fair now I roll a dice.

When my iPod alarm wakes me in the morning I listen to one song, then roll a dice. If the number is even, I stay in bed and listen to another song. If it is odd, I have to get up. If I get an even number and listen to another song I will repeat until I am out of bed.

You have to commit yourself to it, but I have found it really helpful because it is basically like taking choice out of the situation and letting the fates decide.

It has resulted in me getting out of bed an average of 45 minutes earlier which means I don't rush around so much in the morning and I have time for a proper cup of tea and breakfast, setting me up for the day.

I'd recommend that other people give this a go. Let me know if you try it.

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  • Hey that is a fabulous idea - well done!!

  • This is AMAZING. Simple yet effective. Well done, im definitely stealing this... ya know... once i get around to finding a dice! x

  • Let me know how you get on. A great alternative if you cant get a dice is just to flip a coin.

  • That is a great idea. I am terrible about getting up in the morning. Now what if you keep getting even numbers you could be in bed for ages? do you just roll dice once? he he.

    I think part of my problem is that I would love to wake up and look forward to the day, I cannot remember feeling I am looking forward to the day.

    Sorry for moaning on.

    You sound very upbeat which is great.


  • Pretty much. I was in bed for 40 minutes one morning before I got an odd number....which I have to say I didn't mind too much. I've actually found after a while that after a few even numbers I might not even bother rolling the dice anymore and I'll just get up out of my own choice.

    It is a problem getting up in the morning if you're not looking forward to anything. Are you stressed at the moment or just bored?

    I try to keep a positive attitude. I'm going through a really rough patch at the moment with suicidal thoughts and lots of drinking....but I'm sure it will pass before too long. I've just been really stressed and lonely.

  • Thanks for reply, I think I am more bored than stressed, I need to get back doing the things I like. Its horrible feeling lonely too. Look after yourself and keep in touch, your post helped me.

    Kind regards


  • Being bored can make you stressed. You can always try using a dice or flipping a coin to add a bit more variety and excitement to your life. Maybe each evening give yourself a one in six chance of going for a short run or something?

    It is horrible feeling lonely. I haven't had a relationship in nearly 5 years now and I'm starting to think there must be something wrong with me and wonder if I ever will have one again.

    I'm glad my post helped. Keep in touch too. Let me know how it works out for you if you try it.

  • Thanks for reply, I am definitely going to make more of an effort. Get back to excercise like I used to, but its been so snowy and cold here, ah excuses I know. Don't worry about not being in a relationship, these things happen when we least expect it, and start to feel good about ourselves, you sound v.young. Have a lovely Easter and I will let you know how I get on too. Love your little robot avatar, its real cute. What sort of stuff do you like to do for interests? Take care and talk again.

  • It is really hard to get out there an exercise when the weather is bad. This winter seems to be going on forever.

    Yeah...I'm only 24 but it's hard seeing all my friends in relationships and me not.

    I'm a photographer, marathon runner and I love to read, so I keep fairly busy. Yourself?

  • I have found it hard to get up on bad days and then I rush around and then hard on myself for not having gotten up sooner and I'd be low all day then.

  • I find I do exactly the same thing. People always say it's important to have a routine to your day but it is easier said than done when there is so little motivation to do anything!

  • I'm going to try this technique you've come up with. Thank you very much for sharing this.

  • Hi

    I really like the way you have bought an element of play into your difficulty in getting out of bed! Just the idea of it makes me smile although I could not be bothered with doing it myself and have no problem with getting up.

    My problem can be what to do with time once I am up so any games to make that fun would be welcome. You could write a book of fun ways to overcome symptoms of depression!


  • Hi I struggle with time I find I waste it lots to do and can't be bothered however I have learned to not beat myself up about it instead I shrug my shoulders and say whatever tomorrows another day lets see how I feel then. When I was at my lowest point I found myself reading alot of motivational literature especially quotes as they did not take a lot of concentration as they where short and concise I then found myself creating positive affirmations and posting them on social media sites believe it or not that was my recovery turning point especially when people thanked me for bringing positivity to their day. I would post first thing in the morning and this helped kick start my day alot of people where unaware of my depression and did not recognise that it was a healing process which was nice it gave me a feeling of worth without being pitied. Wow I've gabbled on . Anyway I have kept the quotes and refer to them if I'm low. Also at the time I would get people requesting quotes for various situations I enjoyed this as it deflected me from my world and help add perspective. All the best all. "Surround yourself with people who lift you up, make you laugh and inspire you to be amazing". ~ Britt Michaelian

    My daily Mantra "I will not be beaten, defeated or overcome by adversity I'm stronger than that" Jo

  • Good for you. The best mantra. "My daily Mantra "I will not be beaten, defeated or overcome by adversity I'm stronger than that" Jo".

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