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I can´t wait to hear your healthy and fitness tip from all of you! Let´s make it massive, just tell us what is something that has worked so well in order to keep your goal of having a healthier life!

First turn! I would say that begin reading again, installing that routine in my daily life, has brought me steadyness, as I know that by reading and working out a little, my other routine, I can keep a mens sana in corpore sano. :)

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Painting early in the mornings before the kids get up is my way of keeping myself happy! Starting of with a morning routine has been tremendous, I feel like if I go through this checklist, I feel better the whole day through: I drink lots of water as soon as I'm up, I walk 1-3 miles, I stretch 15 mins, I have veggies in my breakfast, I take a big glass of water with me to my room (office) to start work.

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LauraBAbellanAmbassador in reply to CoachNatalie

Woow, the morning routine before your kids wake up sounds so revitalizing! Great tips, thanks for sharing :)

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