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Dentures or Implants?

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Dentures or implants with ITP? Since my mouth bleeds especially when irritated from either brushing too harshly or when I can feel my platelet count is low what can I do to get my smile back? I have extreme dental issues and lost my front tooth. The dentist wants me to get surgery (extraction) and then a flipper. I have to wait until my count is up. But, when I ordered the snap-on smiles for temporary use, I occasionally start to bleed while they're in it seems to irritate my gums. How will I ever have a smile again if I'm bleeding in my mouth?

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HiI have uppers and lower implant dentures (well started off) for 7yrs. At 34, I had all removed due to health issues, crumbling one by one. I think once u have the right fit, they mold the ‘gum’ part of your mouth, itll fit more comfortably and u shouldnt bleed. If it ever starts irritating, let ur dentist know and theyd have to realign the ‘gum’ part, even if its a little off, it still irritates so sometimes they need to file down an area.

I started off with implants w my dentures so didnt want to deal with the glue, but over time my implants got loose and top ones fell out. Now my top is just used as normal dentures and is totally fine.

As far as actual individual implants, I read they’re very pricey so I opted for the next best thing, denture implants. If you will have multiple teeth that needs to go soon, dentures are best in long run. But if only need 1 or 2 and can afford, then go for it.

You will have an awesome smile back! Don’t worry! Good luck!

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